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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012The aesthetic system of entertainmentMcKee, A; McKee, A; Collis, C; Hamley, B
Jan-2011Alternative primary sources for studying Australian television history : an annotated list of online private collectionsMcKee, A
Jan-2012Australian Television, Popular Memory And SuburbiaMcKee, A
2018Becoming BDSM in an online environmentMcKee, A; randall, R; Nixon,, PG; Düsterhöft, IK
Jan-2013Conflict And Seduction In The Public SphereGoode, L; McKee, A
Jan-2008Differences between journalistic and academic accounts of child sexual abuse in AustraliaMcKee, A; Birnie, A
Jan-2010Does Pornography Harm Young People?McKee, A
30-Aug-2013Does Size Matter? Dominant Discourses about Penises in Western CultureMcKee, A
1-Jan-2012Engaging with the Bailey Review: Blogging, academia and authenticityAttwood, F; Barker, M; Bragg, S; Egan, D; Evans, A; Harvey, L; Hawkes, G; Heckert, J; Holford, N; Macvarish, J; Martin, A; McKee, A; Mowlabocus, S; Paasonen, S; Renold, E; Ringrose, J; Valentine, L; Watson, AF; van Zoonen, L
12-Jul-2011Entertainment Industries at University: Designing a CurriculumMcKee, A; Collis, C; Hamley, B
Jan-2010Entertainment Industries At University: Designing A CurriculumCollis, C; McKee, A; Hamley, B
Jan-2010Everything Is Child AbuseMcKee, A
Jan-2010Healthy Sexual Development: A Multidisciplinary Framework For ResearchMcKee, A; Albury, K; Dunne, M; Grieshaber, S; Hartley, J; Lumby, C; Mathews, B
21-Mar-2014Humanities and social scientific research methods in porn studiesMcKee, A
Jan-2012The importance of entertainment for sexuality educationMcKee, A
2017INTRODUCTION TO VOLUME IV Part 1McKee, A; Aggleton, P
Jan-2009Is Doctor Who Australian?McKee, A
13-May-2014‘It‘s all scientific to me’: focus group insights into why young people do not apply safe-sex knowledgeMcKee, A; Watson, AF; Dore, J
2017Learning from commercial entertainment producers in order to create entertainment sex educationMcKee, A
Jan-2008Looking for fun in Cultural ScienceMcKee, A