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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-10-01Advanced gravitational search algorithm with modified exploitation strategyKhan, TA; Ling, SH; Mohan, AS
2019-01-16Advanced Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm with Improved Velocity Update StrategyKhan, TA; Ling, SH; Mohan, AS
2003-01-01Analysis of a novel expanded tip wire (ETW) antenna for microwave ablation of cardiac arrhythmiasChiu, HM; Mohan, AS; Weily, AR; Guy, DJR; Ross, DL
2007-12-01Application of particle swarm optimization for the design of UWB bandpass filtersToya, S; Huang, T; Mohan, AS; Yakabe, T
2014-01-01Beamspace time reversal maximum likelihood estimation for microwave breast imagingHossain, MD; Mohan, AS
2013-12-01Beamspace time reversal processing for localization of breast cancer in 3-D phantomsHossain, MD; Mohan, AS
2013-03-27Beamspace time-reversal microwave imaging for breast cancer detectionHossain, MD; Mohan, AS; Abedin, MJ
2013-12-02Breast cancer detection in highly dense numerical breast phantoms using time reversalHossain, MD; Mohan, AS
2012-12-01Breast cancer localization in three dimensions using time reversal DORT methodHossain, MD; Mohan, AS
2017-12-01Cancer Detection in Highly Dense Breasts Using Coherently Focused Time-Reversal Microwave ImagingHossain, MD; Mohan, AS
2005-12-01Characterize the indoor multipath propagation for MIMO communicationsZhongwei, T; Mohan, AS
2004-05-01A circularly polarized stacked electromagnetically coupled patch antennaChung, KL; Mohan, AS
2013-09-04Coherent sub-space processing for time reversal microwave imagingHossain, MD; Mohan, AS
2013-12-01Coherent time reversal minimum variance beamforming for the localization of tissue malignancies in dense breast phantomsHossain, MD; Mohan, AS
2015-01-01Coherent time-reversal microwave imaging for the detection and localization of breast tissue malignanciesHossain, MD; Mohan, AS
2015-08-27A comparative study of coherent time reversal minimum variance beamformers for breast cancer detectionHossain, MD; Mohan, AS
2018-05-04Comparison of reception mechanisms for molecular communication via diffusionAl-Zu'bi, MM; Mohan, AS; Ling, SSH
2012-12-10Complex natural resonances of dielectric objects embedded in inhomogeneous breast modelsYang, F; Mohan, AS
2013-08-26Convolutional perfectly matched layer ABC for 3-D LOD-FDTD using fundamental schemeRana, MM; Mohan, AS
2005-01-01CPW-fed symmetrically modified ultra-wideband planar antennaXiao, NQ; Mohan, AS