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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-07-01Association of Assisted Reproductive Technology With Offspring Growth and Adiposity From Infancy to Early Adulthood.Elhakeem, A; Taylor, AE; Inskip, HM; Huang, J; Tafflet, M; Vinther, JL; Asta, F; Erkamp, JS; Gagliardi, L; Guerlich, K; Halliday, J; Harskamp-van Ginkel, MW; He, J-R; Jaddoe, VWV; Lewis, S; Maher, GM; Manios, Y; Mansell, T; McCarthy, FP; McDonald, SW; Medda, E; Nisticò, L; de Moira, AP; Popovic, M; Reiss, IKM; Rodrigues, C; Salika, T; Smith, A; Stazi, MA; Walker, C; Wu, M; Åsvold, BO; Barros, H; Brescianini, S; Burgner, D; Chan, JKY; Charles, M-A; Eriksson, JG; Gaillard, R; Grote, V; Håberg, SE; Heude, B; Koletzko, B; Morton, S; Moschonis, G; Murray, D; O'Mahony, D; Porta, D; Qiu, X; Richiardi, L; Rusconi, F; Saffery, R; Tough, SC; Vrijkotte, TGM; Nelson, SM; Nybo Andersen, A-M; Magnus, MC; Lawlor, DA; Assisted Reproductive Technology and Future Health (ART-Health) Cohort Collaboration,
2022-02-21Associations between antenatal maternal diet and other health aspects with infant temperament in a large multiethnic cohort study: a path analysis approach.Schoeps, A; Gontijo de Castro, T; Peterson, ER; Wall, C; D'Souza, S; Waldie, KE; Morton, S
2023-04-11Comparing primary caregivers' reported injury data with routinely recorded injury data to assess predictors of childhood injury.Ghebreab, L; Kool, B; Lee, A; Morton, S
2018-05-02Evaluation of a Residential Mental Health Recovery Service in north QueenslandHeyeres, M; Kinchin, I; Whatley, E; Brophy, L; Jago, J; Wintzloff, T; Morton, S; Mosby, V; Gopalkrishnan, N; Tsey, K
2022-04Fostering Resilience Among Mothers Early (FRAME): using growth mixture modeling to identify resources that mitigate perinatal depression.Farewell, CV; Thayer, Z; Paulson, J; Nicklas, J; Walker, C; Waldie, K; Morton, S; Leiferman, JA
2019Harmful Algae Introductions: Vectors of Transfer, Mitigation, and ManagementMurray, SA; Hallegraeff, G; Shumway, S; Burkholder, JA; Morton, S
2023-10-20Maternal Reminiscing and Children's Socioemotional Development: Evidence from a Large Pre-Birth Longitudinal Cohort Study, <i>Growing Up in New Zealand</i>Garnett, M; Reese, E; Swearingen, I; Peterson, E; Salmon, K; Waldie, K; D'souza, S; Atatoa-Carr, P; Morton, S; Bird, A
2022-03The relationship between diet and sleep in 2-y-old children: Results from Growing Up in New Zealand.Ríos-Hernández, A; Gilchrist, C; Chelimo, C; Castro, TG; Izquierdo-Pulido, M; Wall, C; Thabrew, H; Berry, S; Morton, S; Grant, C