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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20161st Eurographics Workshop on Graphics for Digital Fabrication, GraDiFab@Eurographics 2016, Lisbon, Portugal, May 8, 2016Sá, AME; Pietroni, N; Rodriguez-Echavarria, K
2020-09A bending-active twisted-arch plywood structure: computational design and fabrication of the FlexMaps PavilionLaccone, F; Malomo, L; Pérez, J; Pietroni, N; Ponchio, F; Bickel, B; Cignoni, P
2013A computer-assisted constraint-based system for assembling fragmented objectsPalmas, G; Pietroni, N; Cignoni, P; Scopigno, R
2022-12-06A Course on Hex-Mesh Generation and ProcessingPietroni, N; Campen, M; Sheffer, A; Cherchi, G; Bommes, D; Gao, X; Scateni, R; Ledoux, F; Remacle, J-F; Livesu, M
2023-07-10A Neural Network-based Low-cost Soft Sensor for Touch Recognition and Deformation CaptureFan, Y; Pietroni, N; Ferguson, S
2007A robust method for real-time thread simulationKubiak, B; Pietroni, N; Ganovelli, F; Fratarcangeli, M; Majumder, A; Hodges, LF; Cohen-Or, D; Spencer, SN
2010Adaptive Quad Mesh Simplification.Bozzo, A; Panozzo, D; Puppo, E; Pietroni, N; Rocca, L; Puppo, E; Brogni, A; Floriani, LD
2010Almost isometric mesh parameterization through abstract domainsPietroni, N; Tarini, M; Cignoni, P
2011An interactive local flattening operator to support digital investigations on artwork surfacesPietroni, N; Massimiliano, C; Cignoni, P; Scopigno, R
2013Animation-aware quadrangulationMarcias, G; Pietroni, N; Panozzo, D; Puppo, E; Sorkine-Hornung, O
2011Automatic construction of quad-based subdivision surfaces using fitmapsPanozzo, D; Puppo, E; Tarini, M; Pietroni, N; Cignoni, P
2019-01-01Automatic Design of Cable-Tensioned Glass ShellsLaccone, F; Malomo, L; Froli, M; Cignoni, P; Pietroni, N
2021-05-01Automatic Surface Segmentation for Seamless Fabrication using 4-axis Milling MachinesNuvoli, S; Tola, A; Muntoni, A; Pietroni, N; Gobetti, E; Scateni, R
2023-08-01Bending the light: Next generation anamorphic sculpturesPratt, L; Johnston, A; Pietroni, N
2023-12-12Bending the Light: Next generation anamorphic sculpturesPratt, L; Pietroni, N
2015Compression and Querying of Arbitrary Geodesic DistancesAiello, R; Banterle, F; Pietroni, N; Malomo, L; Cignoni, P; Scopigno, R; Murino, V; Puppo, E
2022-07-01Computational pattern making from 3D garment modelsPietroni, N; Dumery, C; Falque, R; Liu, M; Vidal-Calleja, T; Sorkine-Hornung, O
2019-01-01Concept and cable-tensioning optimization of post-tensioned shells made of structural glassLaccone, F; Malomo, L; Froli, M; Cignoni, P; Pietroni, N; Lazaro, C; Bletzinger, KU; Onate, E
2017Conception and parametric design workflow for a timber large-spanned reversible grid shell to shelter the archaeological site of the Roman Shipwrecks in PisaCorio, E; Laccone, F; Pietroni, N; Cignoni, P; Froli, M
2015Data-Driven Interactive QuadrangulationPietroni, N