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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-03-01Capabilities and Strategic Entrepreneurship in Public OrganizationsKlein, PG; Mahoney, JT; Mcgahan, AM; Pitelis, CN
2011-01-01CIBAM and the symposium on “green business and green values”Pitelis, CN
2010-07-02Cross-border market co-creation, dynamic capabilities and the entrepreneurial theory of the multinational enterprisePitelis, CN; Teece, DJ
2010-04-23The determinants of value and wealth creation at the firm, industry, and national levels: A conceptual framework and evidencePitelis, CN; Vasilaros, V
2011-01-01Economizing, innovating, and sustainable economic performance: A business school perspectivePitelis, CN; Runde, J
2011-12-01European industrial policy: Perspectives, trends and a sustainability-focused new frameworkPitelis, CN; Kelmendi, P
2011-03-01Globalization, development, and history in the work of Edith PenrosePitelis, CN
2012-02-01Human resources and SME performance in services: empirical evidence from the UKGeorgiadis, A; Pitelis, CN
2016-06-01The Impact of Employees' and Managers' Training on the Performance of Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises: Evidence from a Randomized Natural Experiment in the UK Service SectorGeorgiadis, A; Pitelis, CN
2009-11-01The interdependence of private and public interestsMahoney, JT; McGahan, AM; Pitelis, CN
2010-06-16Introduction: On the nature and scope of dynamic capabilitiesKatkalo, VS; Pitelis, CN; Teecey, DJ
2016-11-01Learning, innovation, increasing returns and resource creation: Luigi Pasinetti's 'original sin' of, and call for a post-classical, economicsPitelis, CN
2009-03-01The (new) nature and essence of the firmPitelis, CN; Teece, DJ
2012-06-01On PIIGS, GAFFS, and BRICS: An insider-outsider's perspective on structural and institutional foundations of the Greek crisisPitelis, CN
2010-08-01Open innovation and the management of intra-firm conflictPanagopoulos, A; Pitelis, CN
2013-12-01The Public-Private Nexus in Organizational Economics and the Challenge of Sustainable Value CreationPitelis, CN
2014-01-01Rejuvenating 'old Europe': Towards a strategy for reindustrialisation and sustainable competitivenessPitelis, CN
2008-01-01Stephen Hymer's contribution to international business scholarship: An assessment and extensionDunning, JH; Pitelis, CN
2009-02-01The sustainable competitive advantage and catching-up of nations: fdi, clusters and the liability (asset) of smallnessPitelis, CN
2010-03-01Toward a theory of public entrepreneurshipKlein, PG; Mahoney, JT; McGahan, AM; Pitelis, CN