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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-09-102D/1D BiOI/g-C3N4 nanotubes heterostructure for photoelectrochemical overall water splitting.Du, Y; Ma, R; Wang, L; Qian, J; Wang, Q
2017-11A comparative study on denitrifying sludge granulation with different electron donors: Sulfide, thiosulfate and organics.Qian, J; Wei, L; Wu, Y; Wang, Q; Fu, X; Zhang, X; Chang, X; Wang, L; Pei, X
2018-03-01A game-theoretic approach to advertisement dissemination in ephemeral networksYin, L; Guo, Y; Li, F; Sun, Y; Qian, J; Vasilakos, A
2022-05-01Acoustic Centrifugation Facilitating Particle Sensing in Liquid on a Piezoelectric ResonatorQian, J; Begum, H; Lee, JEY
-Acoustofluidics for simultaneous droplet transport and centrifugation facilitating ultrasensitive biomarker detectionQian, J; Lan, H; Huang, L; Zheng, S; Hu, X; Chen, M; Lee, JE-Y; Zhang, W
2023-09-26Acoustofluidics for simultaneous droplet transport and centrifugation facilitating ultrasensitive biomarker detection.Qian, J; Lan, H; Huang, L; Zheng, S; Hu, X; Chen, M; Lee, JE-Y; Zhang, W
2016-11-01Adaptive noise dictionary construction via IRRPCA for face recognitionChen, Y; Yang, J; Luo, L; Zhang, H; Qian, J; Tai, Y; Zhang, J
2017-09-28Application and investigation of big data visualization method for hospital outpatient management of antibioticsQian, J; Zhang, J
2016-06-08Biological Nitrogen Removal through Nitritation Coupled with Thiosulfate-Driven Denitritation.Qian, J; Zhou, J; Zhang, Z; Liu, R; Wang, Q
2023-05-01Developing a multi-sample acoustofluidic device for high-throughput cell aggregationYang, R; Huang, S; Zhang, Y; Zhang, C; Qian, J; Lam, RHW; Lee, JEY; Wang, Z
2017-02-01Direct Cr (VI) bio-reduction with organics as electron donor by anaerobic sludgeQian, J; Zhou, J; Wang, L; Wei, L; Li, Q; Wang, D; Wang, Q
2017-12-01Dual-wavelength mode-locked fiber laser based on tungsten disulfide saturable absorberLi, X; Qian, J; Zhao, R; Wang, F; Wang, Z
2022-06-16Effect of crystal orientation on liquid phase performance of piezoelectric-on-silicon elliptical plate resonatorsBegum, H; Qian, J; Lee, JEY
2022-01-01Effect of Phononic Crystal Orientation on AlNon-Silicon Lamb Wave Micromechanical ResonatorsYang, R; Zhang, Y; Qian, J; Lee, JEY
2019-02-20Fabrication of two-dimensional crystalline organic films by tilted spin coating for high-performance organic field-effect transistorsDai, F; Liu, X; Yang, T; Qian, J; Li, Y; Gao, Y; Xiong, P; Ou, H; Wu, J; Kanehara, M; Minari, T; Liu, C
2017-06Free sulfurous acid (FSA) inhibition of biological thiosulfate reduction (BTR) in the sulfur cycle-driven wastewater treatment process.Qian, J; Wang, L; Wu, Y; Bond, PL; Zhang, Y; Chang, X; Deng, B; Wei, L; Li, Q; Wang, Q
2017-09-01Improved degradation of anaerobically digested sludge during post aerobic digestion using ultrasonic pretreatmentSong, K; Xie, GJ; Qian, J; Bond, PL; Wang, D; Zhou, B; Liu, Y; Wang, Q
2015-09-23Large dynamic range SPR measurements using a ZnSe prismCanning, J; Qian, J; Cook, K
2016-01-21Polyhydroxyalkanoates in waste activated sludge enhances anaerobic methane production through improving biochemical methane potential instead of hydrolysis rate.Wang, Q; Sun, J; Zhang, C; Xie, G-J; Zhou, X; Qian, J; Yang, G; Zeng, G; Liu, Y; Wang, D
2001-05A randomized, controlled study of a mandibular advancement splint for obstructive sleep apnea.Mehta, A; Qian, J; Petocz, P; Darendeliler, MA; Cistulli, PA