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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-06-01Amorphous Co<inf>x</inf>O<inf>y</inf> with nano-flake structure for activated persulfate degradation of p-nitrophenolQin, J; Liu, X; Zhong, S; Tian, K; Zhang, J
2020-04-21Association Rule Learning Is an Easy and Efficient Method for Identifying Profiles of Traumas and Stressors that Predict Psychopathology in Disaster Survivors: The Example of Sri Lanka.Jayawickreme, N; Atefi, E; Jayawickreme, E; Qin, J; Gandomi, AH
2019-08-01Cnnloc: Deep-learning based indoor localization with wifi fingerprintingSong, X; Fan, X; He, X; Xiang, C; Ye, Q; Huang, X; Fang, G; Chen, LL; Qin, J; Wang, Z
2019-06-15Discrete Multi-graph Hashing for Large-Scale Visual SearchXiang, L; Shen, X; Qin, J; Hao, W
2021-04-07Effect of PM2.5 pollution on perinatal mortality in ChinaLi, G; Li, L; Liu, D; Qin, J; Zhu, H
2020-09-08ER-mitochondria contacts promote mtDNA nucleoids active transportation via mitochondrial dynamic tubulation.Qin, J; Guo, Y; Xue, B; Shi, P; Chen, Y; Su, QP; Hao, H; Zhao, S; Wu, C; Yu, L; Li, D; Sun, Y
2020-10-12Few-Shot Ensemble Learning for Video Classification with SlowFast Memory NetworksQi, M; Qin, J; Zhen, X; Huang, D; Yang, Y; Luo, J
2020-03Golgi-associated microtubules are fast cargo tracks and required for persistent cell migration.Hao, H; Niu, J; Xue, B; Su, QP; Liu, M; Yang, J; Qin, J; Zhao, S; Wu, C; Sun, Y
2021-08-14High-Dimensional Similarity Query Processing for Data ScienceQin, J; Wang, W; Xiao, C; Zhang, Y; Wang, Y
2020-01-01Imitative Non-Autoregressive Modeling for Trajectory Forecasting and ImputationQi, M; Qin, J; Wu, Y; Yang, Y
2021-10-17Latent Memory-augmented Graph Transformer for Visual StorytellingQi, M; Qin, J; Huang, D; Shen, Z; Yang, Y; Luo, J
2008-01-01Microstructural analysis on Ti-6Al-4V and 10 Vol.% (TiB+TiC)/Ti-6Al-4V metal matrix compositesMak, J; Wuhrer, R; Heness, G; Qin, J; Lu, W; Zhang, D; Yeung, WY
2014-01-01Real-Time Imaging Reveals the Dynamics of Leukocyte Behaviour during Experimental Cerebral Malaria PathogenesisPai, S; Qin, J; Cavanagh, L; Mitchell, A; El-Assaad, F; Jain, R; Combes, V; Hunt, NH; Grau, GER; Weninger, W
2021Semantics-Aware Spatial-Temporal Binaries for Cross-Modal Video Retrieval.Qi, M; Qin, J; Yang, Y; Wang, Y; Luo, J
2020-08Similarity query processing for high-dimensional dataQin, J; Wang, W; Xiao, C; Zhang, Y
2008-01-01Small punch test of advanced in-situ synthesized Ti metal matrix compositesMak, J; Wuhrer, R; Heness, G; Yeung, WY; Callaghan, M; Wei, T; Qin, J; Lu, W; Zhang, D
2010-12-01Small punch test of LC4/SiC<inf>p</inf> metal matrix compositesMak, J; Wuhrer, R; Humphries, S; Booth, N; Heness, G; Yeung, WY; Wei, T; Qin, J; Ouyang, Q; Zhang, D
2022-11-01Spatiotemporal Analysis of Extreme Temperature Change on the Tibetan Plateau Based On Quantile RegressionYao, L; Lu, J; Zhang, W; Qin, J; Zhou, C; Tran, NN; Pinagé, ER
2014-01-01SRS: Solving c-approximate nearest neighbor queries in high dimensional Euclidean space with a tiny indexSun, Y; Wang, W; Qin, J; Zhang, Y; Lin, X
2020-03-01Synthetic fluorescent probes to apprehend calcium signalling in lipid droplet accumulation in microalgae—an updated reviewReza, AM; Tavakoli, J; Zhou, Y; Qin, J; Tang, Y