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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-11Chemotaxis may assist marine heterotrophic bacterial diazotrophs to find microzones suitable for N2 fixation in the pelagic ocean.Hallstrøm, S; Raina, J-B; Ostrowski, M; Parks, DH; Tyson, GW; Hugenholtz, P; Stocker, R; Seymour, JR; Riemann, L
2022-05Chemotaxis shapes the microscale organization of the ocean's microbiome.Raina, J-B; Lambert, BS; Parks, DH; Rinke, C; Siboni, N; Bramucci, A; Ostrowski, M; Signal, B; Lutz, A; Mendis, H; Rubino, F; Fernandez, VI; Stocker, R; Hugenholtz, P; Tyson, GW; Seymour, JR
2023-10-27Coral endosymbiont growth is enhanced by metabolic interactions with bacteria.Matthews, JL; Khalil, A; Siboni, N; Bougoure, J; Guagliardo, P; Kuzhiumparambil, U; DeMaere, M; Le Reun, NM; Seymour, JR; Suggett, DJ; Raina, J-B
2023-01Coral holobiont research needs spatial analyses at the microbial scale.van Oppen, MJH; Raina, J-B
2021-06-24Coral mucus rapidly induces chemokinesis and genome-wide transcriptional shifts toward early pathogenesis in a bacterial coral pathogen.Gao, C; Garren, M; Penn, K; Fernandez, VI; Seymour, JR; Thompson, JR; Raina, J-B; Stocker, R
2022-02-01Diatom Biogeography, Temporal Dynamics, and Links to Bacterioplankton across Seven Oceanographic Time-Series Sites Spanning the Australian Continent.Le Reun, N; Bramucci, A; O'Brien, J; Ostrowski, M; Brown, MV; Van de Kamp, J; Bodrossy, L; Raina, J-B; Ajani, P; Seymour, J
2022-05-12Disentangling compartment functions in sessile marine invertebrates.Hughes, DJ; Raina, J-B; Nielsen, DA; Suggett, DJ; Kühl, M
2022-07-15Greater functional diversity and redundancy of coral endolithic microbiomes align with lower coral bleaching susceptibility.Cárdenas, A; Raina, J-B; Pogoreutz, C; Rädecker, N; Bougoure, J; Guagliardo, P; Pernice, M; Voolstra, CR
2021-02-02Heat stress destabilizes symbiotic nutrient cycling in coralsRädecker, N; Pogoreutz, C; Gegner, HM; Cárdenas, A; Roth, F; Bougoure, J; Guagliardo, P; Wild, C; Pernice, M; Raina, J-B; Meibom, A; Voolstra, CR
2022-12-02Heat stress reduces the contribution of diazotrophs to coral holobiont nitrogen cycling.Rädecker, N; Pogoreutz, C; Gegner, HM; Cárdenas, A; Perna, G; Geißler, L; Roth, F; Bougoure, J; Guagliardo, P; Struck, U; Wild, C; Pernice, M; Raina, J-B; Meibom, A; Voolstra, CR
2022-09-13Heterogeneous Growth Enhancement of Vibrio cholerae in the Presence of Different Phytoplankton Species.King, K; Bramucci, AR; Labbate, M; Raina, J-B; Seymour, JR
2022-09-09Increased DMSP availability during thermal stress influences DMSP-degrading bacteria in coral mucusGardner, SGG; Nitschke, MRR; O'Brien, J; Motti, CAA; Seymour, JRR; Ralph, PJJ; Petrou, K; Raina, J-B
2021-12-17Microvolume DNA extraction methods for microscale amplicon and metagenomic studiesBramucci, AR; Focardi, A; Rinke, C; Hugenholtz, P; Tyson, GW; Seymour, JR; Raina, J-B
2022-03-14Mucospheres produced by a mixotrophic protist impact ocean carbon cycling.Larsson, ME; Bramucci, AR; Collins, S; Hallegraeff, G; Kahlke, T; Raina, J-B; Seymour, JR; Doblin, MA
2022-10-24Plastic leachates impair picophytoplankton and dramatically reshape the marine microbiome.Focardi, A; Moore, LR; Raina, J-B; Seymour, JR; Paulsen, IT; Tetu, SG
2021-10-25Rapid Shifts in Bacterial Communities and Homogeneity of Symbiodiniaceae in Colonies of Pocillopora acuta Transplanted Between Reef and Mangrove EnvironmentsHaydon, TD; Seymour, JR; Raina, J-B; Edmondson, J; Siboni, N; Matthews, JL; Camp, EF; Suggett, DJ
2022-02-28Survival in a Sea of Gradients: Bacterial and Archaeal Foraging in a Heterogeneous OceanClerc, EE; Raina, J-B; Peaudecerf, FJ; Seymour, JR; Stocker, R
2018Swimming in the sea: chemotaxis by marine bacteriaSeymour, JR; Raina, J-B
2021-05Symbiotic associations of the deepest recorded photosynthetic scleractinian coral (172 m depth).Rouzé, H; Galand, PE; Medina, M; Bongaerts, P; Pichon, M; Pérez-Rosales, G; Torda, G; Moya, A; Under The Pole Consortium,; Raina, J-B; Hédouin, L
2023Temporal variability in the growth-enhancing effects of different bacteria within the microbiome of the diatom Actinocyclus sp.Le Reun, N; Bramucci, A; Ajani, P; Khalil, A; Raina, J-B; Seymour, JR