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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-09-05Acquisition and metabolism of carbon in the ochrophyta other than diatomsRaven, JA; Giordano, M
2020Acquisition of Inorganic Carbon by Microalgae and CyanobacteriaBeardall, J; Raven, JA
2014-01-01Active water transport in unicellular algae: Where, why, and howRaven, JA; Doblin, MA
2014-07-07AlgaeRaven, JA; Giordano, M
2017-04-01Algae as nutritional and functional food sources: revisiting our understandingWells, ML; Potin, P; Craigie, JS; Raven, JA; Merchant, SS; Helliwell, KE; Smith, AG; Camire, ME; Brawley, SH
2011-09-01Algal and aquatic plant carbon concentrating mechanisms in relation to environmental changeRaven, JA; Giordano, M; Beardall, J; Maberly, SC
2012-09-11Algal biogeography: Metagenomics shows distribution of a picoplanktonic pelagophyteRaven, JA
2012-01-01Algal evolution in relation to atmospheric CO<inf>2</inf>: Carboxylases, carbon-concentrating mechanisms and carbon oxidation cyclesRaven, JA; Giordano, M; Beardall, J; Maberly, SC
2012-07-01CarbonRaven, JA
2017-06-01Carbon-concentrating mechanisms in seagrassesLarkum, AWD; Davey, PA; Kuo, J; Ralph, PJ; Raven, JA
2021-03Cell size influences inorganic carbon acquisition in artificially selected phytoplankton.Malerba, ME; Marshall, DJ; Palacios, MM; Raven, JA; Beardall, J
2012-07-01Changes in pH at the exterior surface of plankton with ocean acidificationFlynn, KJ; Blackford, JC; Baird, ME; Raven, JA; Clark, DR; Beardall, J; Brownlee, C; Fabian, H; Wheeler, GL
2020-07Chloride involvement in the synthesis, functioning and repair of the photosynthetic apparatus in vivo.Raven, JA
2017-01-01Chloride: Essential micronutrient and multifunctional beneficial ionRaven, JA
2022-07-25Commentary on the use of nutrient-coated quantum dots as a means of tracking nutrient uptake by and movement within plantsRaven, JA
2015-01-01Compartmentation of defensive compound synthesis in a red algaRaven, JA
2011-05-01The cost of photoinhibitionRaven, JA
2015-01-01Could land-based early photosynthesizing ecosystems have bioengineered the planet in mid-Palaeozoic times?Edwards, D; Cherns, L; Raven, JA
2009-09-01Cryptic photosynthesis-extrasolar planetary oxygen without a surface biological signatureCockell, CS; Kaltenegger, L; Raven, JA
2017-01-01Cyclic electron flow in cyanobacteria and eukaryotic algaeLarkum, AWD; Szabó, M; Fitzpatrick, D; Raven, JA