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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-01-01Characterisation of Au nanorod dynamics in optical tweezers via localised surface plasmon resonance spectroscopyAndres-Arroyo, A; Kemp, S; Toe, WJ; Wang, F; Coleman, V; Reece, PJ
2011-06-08Characterization of semiconductor nanowires using optical tweezersReece, PJ; Toe, WJ; Wang, F; Paiman, S; Gao, Q; Tan, HH; Jagadish, C
2011-12-05Dark-field optical tweezers for nanometrology of metallic nanoparticlesPearce, K; Wang, F; Reece, PJ
2014-01-01Deposition of CdSe quantum dots on graphene sheetsKanodarwala, FK; Wang, F; Reece, PJ; Stride, JA
2021-10-22Differential Interference Contrast-Based Interrogation of Plasmonic Gold Nanohole Arrays for Label-Free Imaging SensingZhu, Y; Reece, PJ
2020-04-14Impact of metal crystallinity-related morphologies on the sensing performance of plasmonic nanohole arrays.Khan, MA; Zhu, Y; Yao, Y; Zhang, P; Agrawal, A; Reece, PJ
2012-12-01Mapping optical process in semiconductor nanowires using dynamic optical tweezersWang, F; Toe, WJ; Hartstone, A; Lee, WM; McGloin, D; Gao, Q; Tan, HH; Jagadish, C; Reece, PJ
2019-02-15Micropatterning of porous silicon Bragg reflectors with poly(ethylene glycol) to fabricate cell microarrays: Towards single cell sensing.Piya, R; Zhu, Y; Soeriyadi, AH; Silva, SM; Reece, PJ; Gooding, JJ
2011-10-12Nonlinear optical processes in optically trapped InP nanowiresWang, F; Reece, PJ; Paiman, S; Gao, Q; Tan, HH; Jagadish, C
2016-03-09Optical Manipulation and Spectroscopy of Silicon Nanoparticles Exhibiting Dielectric ResonancesAndres-Arroyo, A; Gupta, B; Wang, F; Gooding, JJ; Reece, PJ
2021-05Optical tweezers beyond refractive index mismatch using highly doped upconversion nanoparticles.Shan, X; Wang, F; Wang, D; Wen, S; Chen, C; Di, X; Nie, P; Liao, J; Liu, Y; Ding, L; Reece, PJ; Jin, D
2015-02-15Phase transformations in CdSe quantum dots induced by reaction timeKanodarwala, FK; Wang, F; Reece, PJ; Stride, JA
2013-03-13Resolving stable axial trapping points of nanowires in an optical tweezers using photoluminescence mappingWang, F; Toe, WJ; Lee, WM; McGloin, D; Gao, Q; Tan, HH; Jagadish, C; Reece, PJ
2012-05-07Spectroscopy of 3D-trapped particles inside a hollow-core microstructured optical fiberRajapakse, C; Wang, F; Tang, TCY; Reece, PJ; Leon-Saval, SG; Argyros, A