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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Jun-2019Creating Interactive Modules to Flip the Classroom using H5P Open Source Authoring ToolReyna Zeballos, J
2016Enhancing engagement in flipped learning across undergraduate Science using the Flipped Teacher and Flipped Learner FrameworkDavila, YC; Reyna Zeballos, J; Huber, E; Meier, P
1-Nov-2017Improving the undergraduate Science experience through an evidence-based framework for design, implementation and evaluation of flipped learningDavila, YC; Huber, E; Reyna Zeballos, J; Meier, P; Partridge, H; Davis, K; Thomas, J
1-Dec-2018Learner-Generated Digital Media (LGDM) as an Assessment Tool in Tertiary Science Education: A Review of LiteratureReyna Zeballos, J; Meier, P
29-Mar-2019A Model to Explore Learning Processes in Learner-Generated Digital Media (LGDM) AssignmentsReyna Zeballos, J
31-Mar-2019Self-Regulation Processes in Learner-Generated Digital Media (LGDM) Assignments.Reyna Zeballos, J; Meier, P
31-Mar-2019Surfing the Open Oceans of Flipped Learning: A Comprehensive Student-Centred Model to Implement Flipped ClassroomsReyna Zeballos, J
5-Aug-2019A Systematic Approach to Designing, Implementing, and Evaluating Learner-Generated Digital Media (LGDM) Assignments and their Effect on Self-Regulation in Tertiary Science EducationReyna Zeballos, J; Hanham, J; Vlachopoulos, P; Meier, P
26-Mar-2019Theoretical Foundations to Design Learner-Generated Digital Media (LGDM) Assessment RubricsReyna Zeballos, J
26-Mar-2019Using factor analysis to validate a questionnaire to explore self-regulation in learner-generated digital media (LGDM) assignments in science educationReyna Zeballos, J; Hanham, J; Vlachopoulos, P; Meier, P