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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-09Australian firefighters perceptions of heat stress, fatigue and recovery practices during fire-fighting tasks in extreme environmentsFullagar, HHK; Schwarz, E; Richardson, A; Notley, SR; Lu, D; Duffield, R
2014-01-01Climate variability drives plankton community composition changes: The 2010-2011 El Niño to la Niña transition around AustraliaThompson, PA; Bonham, P; Thomson, P; Rochester, W; Doblin, MA; Waite, AM; Richardson, A; Rousseaux, CS
2022-05Cooling strategies for firefighters: Effects on physiological, physical, and visuo-motor outcomes following fire-fighting tasks in the heat.Fullagar, H; Notley, SR; Fransen, J; Richardson, A; Stadnyk, A; Lu, D; Brown, G; Duffield, R
2018-07-17Data Descriptor: Systematic, continental scale temporal monitoring of marine pelagic microbiota by the Australian Marine Microbial Biodiversity InitiativeBrown, MV; Van De Kamp, J; Ostrowski, M; Seymour, JR; Ingleton, T; Messer, LF; Jeffries, T; Siboni, N; Laverock, B; Bibiloni-Isaksson, J; Nelson, TM; Coman, F; Davies, CH; Frampton, D; Rayner, M; Goossen, K; Robert, S; Holmes, B; Abell, GCJ; Craw, P; Kahlke, T; Sow, SLS; McAllister, K; Windsor, J; Skuza, M; Crossing, R; Patten, N; Malthouse, P; Van Ruth, PD; Paulsen, I; Fuhrman, JA; Richardson, A; Koval, J; Bissett, A; Fitzgerald, A; Moltmann, T; Bodrossy, L
2016-12-06Establishing Baselines: Eighty Years of Phytoplankton Diversity and Biomass in South- Eastern AustraliaAjani, P; Hallegraeff, G; Allen, D; Coughlan, A; Richardson, A; Armand, L; Ingleton, T; Murray, S
2019-01-01Identification of Bacillus and Yersinia species and hoax agents by protein profiling using microfluidic capillary electrophoresis with peak detection algorithmsBowman, S; Casares-de-Cal, MÁ; Alvarez-Dios, J; Gomez Tato, A; Roffey, P; Richardson, A; McNevin, D; Gahan, ME
2020-05Pancreaticoduodenectomy outcomes in Australia.Merrett, N; Richardson, A; Lam, V; Walton, R; Currow, D
2019-01-02Species identification using high resolution melting (HRM) analysis with random forest classificationBowman, S; McNevin, D; Venables, SJ; Roffey, P; Richardson, A; Gahan, ME
2019-04-01Use of Plankton for ManagementRissik, D; Ajani, P; Bowling, L; gibbs, M; Kobayashi, T; Pitt, K; Richardson, A; Suthers, I