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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01Attention Bias Modification Treatment for Adolescents With Social Anxiety Disorder.Ollendick, TH; White, SW; Richey, J; Kim-Spoon, J; Ryan, SM; Wieckowski, AT; Coffman, MC; Elias, R; Strege, MV; Capriola-Hall, NN; Smith, M
2017-04Does the Presence of Anxiety and ADHD Symptoms Add to Social Impairment in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder?Factor, RS; Ryan, SM; Farley, JP; Ollendick, TH; Scarpa, A
2019-03-15Evaluation of the Reliability and Validity of the Social Anxiety Questionnaire for Children in Adolescents with Social Anxiety DisorderOllendick, TH; Ryan, SM; Capriola-Hall, NN; Salazar, IC; Caballo, VE
2017-04Harm beliefs and coping expectancies in youth with specific phobias.Ollendick, TH; Öst, L-G; Ryan, SM; Capriola, NN; Reuterskiöld, L
2018-07Have Phobias, Will Travel: Addressing One Barrier to the Delivery of an Evidence-Based Treatment.Ollendick, TH; Ryan, SM; Capriola-Hall, NN; Austin, KE; Fraire, M
2017-03One session treatment for specific phobias in children: Comorbid anxiety disorders and treatment outcome.Ryan, SM; Strege, MV; Oar, EL; Ollendick, TH
2018-09The Interaction Between Child Behavioral Inhibition and Parenting Behaviors: Effects on Internalizing and Externalizing Symptomology.Ryan, SM; Ollendick, TH
2017-12The mediating role of changes in harm beliefs and coping efficacy in youth with specific phobias.Ollendick, TH; Ryan, SM; Capriola-Hall, NN; Reuterskiöld, L; Öst, L-G