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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-01-01A novel measure to quantify the robustness of social network under the virus attacksSong, B; Jing, Z; Jay Guo, Y; Liu, RP; Zhou, Q
2022-01-21A Novel Metric to Quantify the Real-Time Robustness of Complex Networks With Respect to Epidemic ModelsSong, B; Jiang, GP; Song, Y; Yang, J; Wang, X; Guo, YJ
2021-03-06Analytical Modeling and Design of Novel Conical Halbach Permanent Magnet Couplings for Underwater PropulsionLi, Y; Hu, Y; Guo, Y; Song, B; Mao, Z
2015-09-16Background-free in-vivo imaging of Vitamin C using time-gateable responsive probeSong, B; Ye, Z; Yang, Y; Ma, H; Zheng, X; Jin, D; Yuan, J
2021-08-18Carbonaceous Materials Coated Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer Matrix CompositesSalahuddin, B; Faisal, SN; Baigh, TA; Alghamdi, MN; Islam, MS; Song, B; Zhang, X; Gao, S; Aziz, S
2014-06-14Development of a functional ruthenium(II) complex for probing hypochlorous acid in living cellsYe, Z; Zhang, R; Song, B; Dai, Z; Jin, D; Goldys, EM; Yuan, J
2018-01-01Dynamical interaction between information and disease spreading in populations of moving agentsXia, L; Song, B; Jing, Z; Song, Y; Zhang, L
2019-04-10Dynamical rewiring in adaptive weighted heterogeneous networksSong, B; Song, YR; Jiang, GP; Xia, LL
2023-07-01Epidemic Spreading on Weighted Co-Evolving Multiplex NetworksSong, B; Wu, H; Song, Y; Wang, X; Jiang, G
2017-08-11Gaussian process model enabled particle filter for device-free localizationSong, B; Wang, H; Xiao, W; Huang, S; Shi, L
2019-01-01Group-based susceptible-infectious-susceptible model in large-scale directed networksWang, X; Song, B; Ni, W; Liu, RP; Guo, YJ; Niu, X; Zheng, K
2002-01H-infinity control design of mixed eigenstructure assignment and H_infinity filter for flexible structure vibration controlDu, H; Song, B; Shi, X; WAC
2023-09-18Identifying Influential Nodes in Community NetworksSong, B; Hui-Ming,; Song, Y-R; Jiang, G-P; Wang, X; Xia, L-L
2022-07-25Impact of Alkyl Chain Length on the Properties of Fluorenyl-Based Linear Hole-Transport Materials in p-i-n Perovskites Solar CellsSun, Z; Liu, Z; Zhang, J; Zhou, C; Chen, Z; Chen, L; Zhang, S; Jia, X; Zhang, J; Zhou, Y; Song, B; Yuan, N; Ding, J
2018-09-01Modeling and analysis of epidemic spreading on community networks with heterogeneityLi, C; Jiang, GP; Song, Y; Xia, L; Li, Y; Song, B
2021-11-05Molecular design in drug discovery: a comprehensive review of deep generative models.Cheng, Y; Gong, Y; Liu, Y; Song, B; Zou, Q
2019-10-15Preferential redistribution in cascading failure by considering local real-time informationSong, B; Zhang, ZH; Song, YR; Jiang, GP; Li, YW; Su, XP
2020-01-01Reliability Analysis of Large-Scale Adaptive Weighted NetworksSong, B; Wang, X; Ni, W; Song, Y; Liu, RP; Jiang, GP; Guo, YJ
2023-09-01Robustness of community networks against cascading failures with heterogeneous redistribution strategiesSong, B; Wu, HM; Song, YR; Jiang, GP; Xia, LL; Wang, X
2018-01-01Rumor spreading model considering rumor’s attraction in heterogeneous social networksXia, LL; Song, B; Zhang, L