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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-01-013D Printed Lens Antenna for Contactless Heartbeat and Respiration Detection Using mm-Wave Radar SensingLai, J; Sun, Y; Luo, Z; Yang, Y
2023-08-01A 40-GHz Load Modulated Balanced Power Amplifier Using Unequal Power Splitter and Phase Compensation Network in 45-nm SOI CMOSChen, L; Chen, L; Ge, Z; Sun, Y; Zhu, X
2021-11-01A 90-GHz Asymmetrical Single-Pole Double-Throw Switch with >19.5-dBm 1-dB Compression Point in Transmission Mode Using 55-nm Bulk CMOS TechnologyChen, L; Chen, L; Ge, Z; Sun, Y; Hamilton, TJ; Zhu, X
2023-06-27A Benchmark and Asymmetrical-Similarity Learning for Practical Image Copy DetectionWang, W; Sun, Y; Yang, Y
2016-01-01A Cloud-Based Architecture for the Internet of Spectrum Devices over Future Wireless NetworksWu, Q; Ding, G; Du, Z; Sun, Y; Jo, M; Vasilakos, AV
2023-12-16A dataset of low-carbon energy transition index for Chinese cities 2003-2019.Shen, Y; Shi, X; Zhao, Z; Xu, J; Sun, Y; Liao, Z; Li, Y; Shan, Y
2022-08-20A flexible supercapacitor with high capacitance retention at an ultra-low temperature of -65.0°CZheng, H; Guan, R; Liu, Q; Ou, KT; Li, DS; Fang, J; Fu, Q; Sun, Y
2018-03-01A game-theoretic approach to advertisement dissemination in ephemeral networksYin, L; Guo, Y; Li, F; Sun, Y; Qian, J; Vasilakos, A
2021-04-15A green and facile fabrication of rGO/FEVE nanocomposite coating for anti-corrosion applicationShen, L; Chen, H; Qi, C; Fu, Q; Xiong, Z; Sun, Y; Liu, Y
2016-08-01A logic-based geometrical model for the next day operation of PV-battery systemsZhong, Q; Khalilpour, R; Vassallo, A; Sun, Y
2022-10-10A Novel Spark-Based Attribute Reduction and Neighborhood Classification for Rough Evidence.Ding, W; Sun, Y; Li, M; Liu, J; Ju, H; Huang, J; Lin, C-T
2023-04-12A Novel Thin Film Composite Membrane for Osmotic Energy GenerationLi, D; Ou, TK; Fu, Q; Li, DS; Liu, Z; Sun, Y
2023-04-12A Novel Thin Film Composite Membrane for Osmotic Energy GenerationLi, D; Ou, T; Fu, Q; Li, D-S; Liu, Z; Sun, Y
2022-07-01A W-Band SPDT Switch With 15-dBm P1dB in 55-nm Bulk CMOSChen, L; Chen, L; Ge, Z; Sun, Y; Hamilton, T; Zhu, X
2016-01-01Absolute orientation based on distance kernel functionsSun, Y; Zhao, L; Zhou, G; Yan, L
2021-10-05Accuracy of the Patient Health Questionnaire-9 for screening to detect major depression: updated systematic review and individual participant data meta-analysis.Negeri, ZF; Levis, B; Sun, Y; He, C; Krishnan, A; Wu, Y; Bhandari, PM; Neupane, D; Brehaut, E; Benedetti, A; Thombs, BD; Depression Screening Data (DEPRESSD) PHQ Group,
2022-07-21Action Keypoint Network for Efficient Video Recognition.Chen, X; Han, Y; Wang, X; Sun, Y; Yang, Y
2011-10-13Adaptive impedance matching and antenna tuning for green software-defined and cognitive radioSun, Y; Moritz, J; Zhu, X
2017-02-01Application of fractional calculus in modelling ballast deformation under cyclic loadingSun, Y; Indraratna, B; Carter, JP; Marchant, T; Nimbalkar, S
2020-08-01Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search on High Dimensional Data — Experiments, Analyses, and ImprovementLi, W; Zhang, Y; Sun, Y; Wang, W; Zhang, W; Lin, X