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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-09-01A comprehensive review on performance of cementitious and geopolymeric concretes with recycled waste glass as powder, sand or culletDong, W; Li, W; Tao, Z
2021-09-10Development of piezoresistive cement-based sensor using recycled waste glass cullets coated with carbon nanotubesDong, W; Guo, Y; Sun, Z; Tao, Z; Li, W
2019-04-01Effects of saturation degrees, freezing-thawing, and curing on geotechnical properties of lime and lime-cement concretesJahandari, S; Saberian, M; Tao, Z; Mojtahedi, SF; Li, J; Ghasemi, M; Rezvani, SS; Li, W
2019-07-01Electrical resistivity and mechanical properties of cementitious composite incorporating conductive rubber fibresDong, W; Li, W; Long, G; Tao, Z; Li, J; Wang, K
2013-02-01Groundwater-dependent distribution of vegetation in Hailiutu River catchment, a semi-arid region in ChinaLv, J; Wang, XS; Zhou, Y; Qian, K; Wan, L; Eamus, D; Tao, Z
2020-08-01High temperature resistance of fly ash/GGBFS-based geopolymer mortar with load-induced damageQu, F; Li, W; Tao, Z; Castel, A; Wang, K
2018-11-15Influence of aggregate spatial distribution of concrete against projectile penetrationWu, C; Li, W; Tao, Z
2017-08-15Mechanical behavior of recycled aggregate concrete-filled steel tube stub columns after exposure to elevated temperaturesLi, W; Luo, Z; Tao, Z; Duan, WH; Shah, SP
2019-04-10Piezoresistive properties of cement-based sensors: Review and perspectiveDong, W; Li, W; Tao, Z; Wang, K
2009-06-16Polymeric di- and discrete trinuclear silver(I) assemblies incorporating γ-carbon bonded, neutral acetylacetone-imine motifs assembled from racemic and diastereopure N,N′-bis(acetylacetone)cyclohexanediimine unitsZhu, BX; Zhang, QL; Zhang, YQ; Tao, Z; Clegg, JK; Reimers, JR; Lindoy, LF; Wei, G
2019-11-01Rectified Encoder Network for High-Dimensional Imbalanced LearningTao, Z; Wei-Jie, C; Ivor, T; Xin, Y
2022-10-17SK2: Integrating Implicit Sentiment Knowledge and Explicit Syntax Knowledge for Aspect-Based Sentiment AnalysisLi, J; Zhao, Y; Jin, Z; Li, G; Shen, T; Tao, Z; Tao, C