Polymeric Di- And Discrete Trinuclear Silver(I) Assemblies Incorporating Gamma-Carbon Bonded, Neutral Acetylacetone-Imine Motifs Assembled From Racemic And Diastereopure N,N '-Bis(Acetylacetone)Cyclohexanediimine Units

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Dalton Transactions, 2009, - (25), pp. 4896 - 4900
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Diastereopure (1R,2R)-N,N'-bis(acetylacetone)cyclohexanedi-imine L(1) and its corresponding (1R,2R)L(1)/(1S,2S)L(2) enantiomeric mixture react with AgNO(3) to yield the unusual coordination polymer [Ag(2)(L(1))(L(2))(NO(3))(2)](n) (1) and the unique trimetallic discrete species {[Ag(3)(L(1))(3)(mu(3)-O,O,O-NO(3))(H(2)O)(3)](2)(NO(3))}(NO(3))(3)center dot 8.5H(2)O (2) which incorporates a symmetrical mu(3)-bridging nitrato group that gives rise to a C(3)-symmetric triskelion motif; both species also feature gamma-carbon eta(1) aryl-like coordination of neutral bridging acetylacetone-imine units to the respective Ag(I) centres.
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