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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2005Adolescent sport, recreation and physical education: experiences of recent arrivals to CanadaTaylor, TL; Doherty, A
Jan-2002Behind the veil: exploring the recreation needs of Muslim womenTaylor, TL; Toohey, KM
Jan-2011Board roles and strategic orientation among Taiwanese nonprofit sport organisationsYeh, C; Hoye, RS; Taylor, TL
Jan-2007Board Roles in Nonprofit Sport Organisations with a Dual Board SystemYeh, C; Taylor, TL; Hoye, RS; Chapman Ross
Jan-2009Board roles in organisations with a dual board system: Empirical evidence from Taiwanese nonprofit sport organisationsYeh, C; Taylor, TL; Hoy, R
Jan-2008Case 28 professional rugby, community rugby clubs and volunteers: Creating advantage through better volunteer managementDarcy, SA; Taylor, TL; Cuskelly, G; Hoye, RS; Chadwick, S; Arthur, D
Jan-2005Communist sport policy: past, present and futureTaylor, TL; Kluka, D; Stier, W; Schilling, G
Jan-2005Critical reflections on the economic impact assessment of a mega-event: the case of 2002 FIFA World CupLee, C; Taylor, TL
Jan-2010A culture of trust: Engaging Muslim women in community sport organizationsMaxwell, H; Taylor, TL
Jan-2009Disability citizenship: an Australian human rights analysis of the cultural industriesDarcy, SA; Taylor, TL
Jan-2003Diversity management in a multi-cultural society: an exploratory study of cultural diversity and team sport in AustraliaTaylor, TL
Jan-2008Engaging professional societies in developing work-ready graduatesNettleton, SC; Litchfield, AJ; Taylor, TL; None known
Jan-2012Engaging with Graduate Attributes through Encouraging Accurate Student Self-AssessmentLawson, R; Taylor, TL; Thompson, DG; Simpson, L; Freeman, M; Treleaven, L; Rohde, F
Jan-2011Ensuring Safety at Australian Sport Event Precincts: Creating Securitised, Sanitised and Stifling Spaces?Taylor, TL; Toohey, KM
Jan-2006Exploring human resource management practices in nonprofit sport organisationsTaylor, TL; McGraw, P
Jan-2012Exploring the development of team identification: the contribution of social identity and the psychological continuum modelLock, D; Taylor, TL; Funk, D; Darcy, SA
Jan-2003The FIFA World Cup 2002: the effects of terrorism on sport touristsToohey, KM; Taylor, TL; Lee, C
Jan-2014Fifa-isation:Security, brand protection and media management at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South AfricaEisenhauer, SI; Adair, D; Taylor, TL
Jan-2011Gender and cultural diversity in Australian sportFoley, CT; Taylor, TL; Maxwell, H; Long, J; Spracklen, K
Jan-2001Gender and Cultural Diversity in Sport OrganisationsTaylor, TL