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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-10-16A frost heave model of unsaturated coarse-grained soil considering vapour transferLiu, J; Teng, J; Zhang, S; Sheng, D
2020-01-01A Numerical Model of Vapour Transfer and Phase Change in Unsaturated Freezing SoilsLiang, S; Teng, J; Shan, F; Zhang, S
2012-06-27Achieving λ/10 resolution CW STED nanoscopy with a Ti:Sapphire oscillatorLiu, Y; Ding, Y; Alonas, E; Zhao, W; Santangelo, PJ; Jin, D; Piper, JA; Teng, J; Ren, Q; Xi, P
2019-04-01An analytical model for evaporation from unsaturated soilTeng, J; Zhang, X; Zhang, S; Zhao, C; Sheng, D
2019-01-01Evaluating the influence of specimen preparation on saturated hydraulic conductivity using nuclear magnetic resonance technologyTeng, J; Kou, J; Zhang, S; Sheng, D
2019-03-01Experimental study of ice accumulation in unsaturated clean sandTeng, J; Shan, F; He, Z; Zhang, S; Zhao, G; Sheng, D
2013-12-01Graphene-polymer multilayer heterostructure for terahertz metamaterialsXu, Z; Chen, C; Wu, SQY; Wang, B; Teng, J; Zhang, C; Bao, Q
2012-06-18Laser oblique scanning optical microscopy (LOSOM) for phase relief imagingDing, Y; Xie, H; Peng, T; Lu, Y; Jin, D; Teng, J; Ren, Q; Xi, P
2017-05-17Linking synaptic computation for image enhancementZhan, K; Shi, J; Teng, J; Li, Q; Wang, M; Lu, F
2020-07-24Mitochondrial dynamics quantitatively revealed by STED nanoscopy with an enhanced squaraine variant probe.Yang, X; Yang, Z; Wu, Z; He, Y; Shan, C; Chai, P; Ma, C; Tian, M; Teng, J; Jin, D; Yan, W; Das, P; Qu, J; Xi, P
2020-11-01Modelling frost heave in unsaturated coarse-grained soilsTeng, J; Liu, J; Zhang, S; Sheng, D
2019-12-04Multi-task network anomaly detection using federated learningZhao, Y; Chen, J; Wu, D; Teng, J; Yu, S
2019-08-01Network anomaly detection by using a time-decay closed frequent patternZhao, Y; Chen, J; Wu, D; Teng, J; Sharma, N; Sajjanhar, A; Blumenstein, M
2021-01-01Numerical Modeling of Water-Vapor Migration and Phase Transformation in Unsaturated Freezing SoilsShan, F; Teng, J; Yan, X; Zhang, S; Sheng, D
2020-02-01Parameterization of soil freezing characteristic curve for unsaturated soilsTeng, J; Kou, J; Yan, X; Zhang, S; Sheng, D