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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-08Application of circulating tumour cells to predict response to treatment in head and neck cancer.Zhang, X; Ekanayake Weeramange, C; Hughes, BGM; Vasani, S; Liu, ZY; Warkiani, ME; Hartel, G; Ladwa, R; Thiery, JP; Kenny, L; Punyadeera, C
2023-01-01Circulating Tumour Cell Isolation and Molecular Profiling; Potential Therapeutic InterventionRadfar, P; Es, HA; Kulasinghe, A; Thiery, JP; Warkiani, ME
2021-07-31Emerging Insights into Keratin 16 Expression during Metastatic Progression of Breast Cancer.Elazezy, M; Schwentesius, S; Stegat, L; Wikman, H; Werner, S; Mansour, WY; Failla, AV; Peine, S; Müller, V; Thiery, JP; Ebrahimi Warkiani, M; Pantel, K; Joosse, SA
2021Emerging role of circulating tumor cells in immunotherapy.Rzhevskiy, A; Kapitannikova, A; Malinina, P; Volovetsky, A; Aboulkheyr Es, H; Kulasinghe, A; Thiery, JP; Maslennikova, A; Zvyagin, AV; Ebrahimi Warkiani, M
2022-07-11Isolation of Circulating Tumor Cells from Seminal Fluid of Patients with Prostate Cancer Using Inertial Microfluidics.Rzhevskiy, AS; Kapitannikova, AY; Vasilescu, SA; Karashaeva, TA; Razavi Bazaz, S; Taratkin, MS; Enikeev, DV; Lekarev, VY; Shpot, EV; Butnaru, DV; Deyev, SM; Thiery, JP; Zvyagin, AV; Ebrahimi Warkiani, M
2021-07Machine learning reveals mesenchymal breast carcinoma cell adaptation in response to matrix stiffness.Rozova, VS; Anwer, AG; Guller, AE; Es, HA; Khabir, Z; Sokolova, AI; Gavrilov, MU; Goldys, EM; Warkiani, ME; Thiery, JP; Zvyagin, AV
2020-11-04Mesenchymal stem cells induce PD-L1 expression through the secretion of CCL5 in breast cancer cells.Aboulkheyr Es, H; Bigdeli, B; Zhand, S; Aref, AR; Thiery, JP; Warkiani, ME
2021-10-13Pirfenidone Reduces Epithelial–Mesenchymal Transition and Spheroid Formation in Breast Carcinoma through Targeting Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts (CAFs)Es, HA; Cox, TR; Sarafraz-Yazdi, E; Thiery, JP; Warkiani, ME
2020-07Pirfenidone reduces immune-suppressive capacity of cancer-associated fibroblasts through targeting CCL17 and TNF-beta.ABOULKHEYR ESTARABADI, H; Zhand, S; Thiery, JP; Warkiani, ME
2015-06-20Short-term expansion of breast circulating cancer cells predicts response to anti-cancer therapy.Khoo, BL; Lee, SC; Kumar, P; Tan, TZ; Warkiani, ME; Ow, SGW; Nandi, S; Lim, CT; Thiery, JP
2022-09Single-cell analysis of circulating tumour cells: enabling technologies and clinical applications.Radfar, P; Aboulkheyr Es, H; Salomon, R; Kulasinghe, A; Ramalingam, N; Sarafraz-Yazdi, E; Thiery, JP; Warkiani, ME
2019-12-01Upregulation of PD-L1 expression in breast cancer cells through the formation of 3D multicellular cancer aggregates under different chemical and mechanical conditionsAzadi, S; Aboulkheyr Es, H; Razavi Bazaz, S; Thiery, JP; Asadnia, M; Ebrahimi Warkiani, M