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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-01-01Analytical model and data-driven approach for concrete moisture predictionThiyagarajan, K; Kodagoda, S
-Capacitive Sensor Based 2D Subsurface Imaging Technology for Non Destructive Evaluation of Building SurfacesPiyathilaka, L; Sooriyaarachchi, B; Kodagoda, S; Thiyagarajan, K
2016-10-19Data-driven machine learning approach for predicting volumetric moisture content of concrete using resistance sensor measurementsThiyagarajan, K; Kodagoda, S; Ulapane, N
2019-01-01Design and development of drill-resistance sensor technology for accurately measuring microbiologically corroded concrete depthsGiovanangeli, N; Piyathilaka, L; Kodagoda, S; Thiyagarajan, K; Barclay, S; Vitanage, D
2019-01-01Frequency sweep based sensing technology for non-destructive electrical resistivity measurement of concreteWickramanayake, S; Thiyagarajan, K; Kodagoda, S; Piyathilaka, L
2018-01-01Gaussian markov random fields for localizing reinforcing bars in concrete infrastructureThiyagarajan, K; Kodagoda, S; Van Nguyen, L; Wickramanayake, S
2020-06-21Hyper-Parameter Initialization for Squared Exponential Kernel-based Gaussian Process RegressionUlapane, N; Thiyagarajan, K; Kodagoda, S
2017-01-31An instrumentation system for smart monitoring of surface temperatureThiyagarajan, K; Kodagoda, S; Alvarez, JK
2020-06-21Numerical Modeling of the Effects of Electrode Spacing and Multilayered Concrete Resistivity on the Apparent Resistivity Measured Using Wenner MethodThiyagarajan, K; Acharya, P; Piyathilaka, L; Kodagoda, S
2018-02-05Predictive analytics for detecting sensor failure using autoregressive integrated moving average modelThiyagarajan, K; Kodagoda, S; Van Nguyen, L
2020-01-16Quantifying the Relative Thickness of Conductive Ferromagnetic Materials Using Detector Coil-Based Pulsed Eddy Current Sensors.Ulapane, N; Thiyagarajan, K; Hunt, D; Valls Miro, J
2018-12-01Robust sensing suite for measuring temporal dynamics of surface temperature in sewersThiyagarajan, K; Kodagoda, S; Ranasinghe, R; Vitanage, D; Iori, G
2020-03-18Robust Sensor Suite Combined with Predictive Analytics Enabled Anomaly Detection Model for Smart Monitoring of Concrete Sewer Pipe Surface Moisture ConditionsThiyagarajan, K; Kodagoda, S; Ranasinghe, R; Vitanage, D; Iori, G
2018-01-01Sensor failure detection and faulty data accommodation approach for instrumented wastewater infrastructuresThiyagarajan, K; Kodagoda, S; Van Nguyen, L; Ranasinghe, R
2020Surface Representation of Pulsed Eddy Current Sensor Signals for Improved Ferromagnetic Material Thickness QuantificationUlapane, N; Thiyagarajan, K; Miro, JV; Kodagoda, S
2020-06-21System Identification of Static Nonlinear Elements: A Unified Approach of Active Learning, Over-fit Avoidance, and Model Structure DeterminationUlapane, N; Thiyagarajan, K; Kodagoda, S
2020-06-21A Temporal Forecasting Driven Approach Using Facebook’s Prophet Method for Anomaly Detection in Sewer Air Temperature Sensor SystemThiyagarajan, K; Kodagoda, S; Ulapane, N; Prasad, M