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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-01-01Apocalypse now? Striking to save the worldThomas, A
2019'Dawn of a new era'?: Media narratives of Aboriginal futures following the Apology to the Stolen GenerationsThomas, A; Thomas, A; Jakubowicz, A; Norman, H
2019-11Does the media fail Aboriginal political aspirations? 45 years of news media reporting of key political momentsThomas, A; Jakubowicz, A; Norman, H
2009-02-15Enumerating the decomposable neighbors of a decomposable graph under a simple perturbation schemeThomas, A; Green, PJ
2009-12-28Enumerating the junction trees of a decomposable graphThomas, A; Green, PJ
2019-11-25FindingsThomas, A; Jakubowicz, A; Norman, H
2019-03-14‘In this house we believe in fairness and kindness’: Post-liberation politics in Australia's same-sex marriage postal surveyThomas, A; McCann, H; Fela, G
2013-03-01Sampling decomposable graphs using a Markov chain on junction treesGreen, PJ; Thomas, A
2018-03-01A structural Markov property for decomposable graph laws that allows control of clique intersectionsGreen, PJ; Thomas, A
2019-11-30The 'quite historic' compact that wasn't: media silence and the Two Hundred Years Later reportThomas, A; Thomas, A; Jakubowicz, A; Norman, H
2020-01-02‘The dice are loaded’: history, solidarity and precarity in Australian universitiesThomas, A; Forsyth, H; Bonnell, AG
2019-11-30The princess and the protestors: The 1972 Larrakia petition and discourses of failure in Aboriginal protestThomas, A; Thomas, A; Jakubowicz, A; Norman, H
2019-11-30Tough love and talkfests: Discourses of Aboriginal policy in media reporting on Closing the GapThomas, A; Thomas, A; Jakubowicz, A; Norman, H