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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A Comprehensive Survey of Enabling and Emerging Technologies for Social Distancing—Part II: Emerging Technologies and Open IssuesNguyen, CT; Saputra, YM; Van Huynh, N; Nguyen, N-T; Khoa, TV; Tuan, BM; Nguyen, DN; Hoang, DT; Vu, TX; Dutkiewicz, E; Chatzinotas, S; Ottersten, B
2018-10-01Ambient backscatter communications: A contemporary surveyVan Huynh, N; Hoang, DT; Lu, X; Niyato, D; Wang, P; Kim, DI
2020-02-01Ambient Backscatter: A Novel Method to Defend Jamming Attacks for Wireless NetworksVan Huynh, N; Nguyen, DN; Thai Hoang, D; Dutkiewicz, E; Mueck, M
2021-01-01DeepFake: Deep Dueling-based Deception Strategy to Defeat Reactive JammersVan Huynh, N; Hoang, DT; Nguyen, DN; Dutkiewicz, E
2019-05-01Energy Management and Time Scheduling for Heterogeneous IoT Wireless-Powered Backscatter NetworksNguyen, NT; Van Huynh, N; Hoang, DT; Nguyen, DN; Nguyen, NH; Nguyen, QT; Dutkiewicz, E
2019-11-01'Jam Me if You Can:' Defeating Jammer with Deep Dueling Neural Network Architecture and Ambient Backscattering Augmented CommunicationsVan Huynh, N; Nguyen, DN; Hoang, DT; Dutkiewicz, E
2019-06-01Optimal and Fast Real-Time Resource Slicing with Deep Dueling Neural NetworksVan Huynh, N; Thai Hoang, D; Nguyen, DN; Dutkiewicz, E
2021-01-01Optimal Beam Association for High Mobility mmWave Vehicular Networks: Lightweight Parallel Reinforcement Learning ApproachVan Huynh, N; Nguyen, DN; Hoang, DT; Dutkiewicz, E
2021-12-01Optimal Beam Association in mmWave Vehicular Networks with Parallel Reinforcement LearningVan Huynh, N; Nguyen, DN; Hoang, DT; Dutkiewicz, E
2018-10-01Optimal Time Scheduling for Wireless-Powered Backscatter Communication NetworksVan Huynh, N; Hoang, DT; Niyato, D; Wang, P; Kim, DI
2017-04-13Physical-virtual topological visualization of OF@TEIN SDN-enabled multi-site cloudUsman, M; Risdianto, AC; Han, J; Kim, J; Van Huynh, N
2019-05-01Real-Time Network Slicing with Uncertain Demand: A Deep Learning ApproachVan Huynh, N; Hoang, DT; Nguyen, DN; Dutkiewicz, E
2021-01-01Time Scheduling and Energy Trading for Heterogeneous Wireless-Powered and Backscattering-based IoT NetworksNguyen, N-T; Nguyena, DN; Hoang, DT; Van Huynh, N; Dutkiewicz, E; Nguyenb, N-H; Nguyenc, Q-T