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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01-01A Compliance Checking Framework for DNN ModelsVerma, S; Wang, C; Zhu, L; Liu, W
2020A Data Driven Approach for Leak Detection with Smart SensorsLiang, B; Verma, S; Xu, J; Liang, S; Li, Z; Wang, Y; Chen, F
2020Attn-HybridNet: Improving Discriminability of Hybrid Features with Attention FusionVerma, S; Wang, C; Zhu, L; Liu, W
2020Deep-HOSeq: Deep Higher Order Sequence Fusion for Multimodal Sentiment AnalysisVerma, S; Wang, J; Ge, Z; Shen, R; Jin, F; Wang, Y; Chen, F; Liu, W; Plant, C; Wang, H; Cuzzocrea, A; Zaniolo, C; Wu, X
2019DeepCU: Integrating both Common and Unique Latent Information for Multimodal Sentiment AnalysisVerma, S; Wang, C; Zhu, L; Liu, W
2019-01-01Detection of Anomalous Traffic Patterns and Insight Analysis from Bus Trajectory DataZhang, X; Verma, S; Liu, Y; Blumenstein, M; Li, J
2017-01-01Extracting highly effective features for supervised learning via simultaneous tensor factorizationVerma, S; Liu, W; Wang, C; Zhu, L
2018-01-01Hybrid networks: Improving deep learning networks via integrating two views of imagesVerma, S; Liu, W; Wang, C; Zhu, L
-Improved neuroprotective activity of Fisetin through SNEDDS in ameliorating the behavioral alterations produced in rotenone-induced Parkinson’s modelKumar, R; Kumar, R; Khurana, N; Singh, SK; Khurana, S; Verma, S; Sharma, N; Vyas, M; Dua, K; Khursheed, R; Awasthi, A; Vishwas, S
2019-01-01Multiple Knowledge Transfer for Cross-Domain RecommendationDo, Q; Verma, S; Chen, F; Liu, W
2017-01-01People, Management, and the Corporation after the Global Financial CrisisClegg, SR; Bhatt, P; Jaiswal, P; Majumdar, B; Verma, S
2019-01-01Towards Effective Data Augmentations via Unbiased GAN UtilizationVerma, S; Wang, C; Zhu, L; Liu, W
2021-10-31Understanding Relations between Perception of Fairness and Trust in Algorithmic Decision MakingZhou, J; Verma, S; Mittal, M; Chen, F