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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-12-04A Gaussian Process approach for IMU to Pose Spatiotemporal CalibrationLe Gentil, C; Vidal Calleja, T
2023-12-04A Robotic System For Imitating Human PercussionistsSukkar, F; Savery, R; Haque, N; Le Gentil, C; Guenot-Falque, R; Vidal Calleja, T
2019Continuous Optimization Framework for Depth Sensor Viewpoint SelectionMaleki, B; Alempijevic, A; Vidal Calleja, T
2019-12-09Efficient Pipeline for Mobile Brick PickingFryc, S; Liu, L; Vidal Calleja, T
2019-05-20IN2LAMA: INertial Lidar Localisation And MappingLe Gentil, C; Vidal Calleja, T; Huang, S; Howard, A; Althoefer, K; Arai, F; Arrichiello, F; Caputo, B; Castellanos, J; Hauser, K; Isler, V; Kim, J; Liu, H; Oh, P; Santos, V; Scaramuzza, D; Ude, A; Voyles, R; Yamane, K; Okamura, A
2022-01-01Informative Planning for Worst-Case Error Minimisation in Sparse Gaussian Process RegressionWakulicz, J; Lee, KMB; Yoo, C; Vidal Calleja, T; Fitch, R
2017-05-17Innovative Data-driven “along-the-pipe” Condition Assessment for Critical Water MainsShi, L; Valls Miro, J; Vidal Calleja, T; Vitanage, D; Rajalingam, J
2019-12-09Point Cloud Edge Detection and Template Matching with 1D Gradient Descent for Wall Pose EstimationGalea, M; Vidal Calleja, T
2019Predicting Objective Function Change in Pose-Graph OptimizationBai, F; Vidal Calleja, T; Huang, S; Xiong, R
2017-09-26Pulsed eddy current sensing for critical pipe condition assessmentUlapane, N; Alempijevic, A; Vidal Calleja, T; Miro, JV
2019-12-09Rectangular-shaped object recognition and pose estimationVu, TL; Liu, L; Paul, G; Vidal Calleja, T
2022-12-06Sim2real Cattle Pose Prediction in 3D pointcloudsOkour, M; Guenot-Falque, R; Vidal Calleja, T; Alempijevic, A
2022-12-06Subcutaneous Fat Depth Regression Using Hyperspectral and Depth ImagingPena, F; Mehami, J; Guenot-Falque, R; Patten, T; Alempijevic, A; Vidal Calleja, T
2019Towards Visual Feedback Loops for Robot-Controlled Additive ManufacturingSutjipto, S; Tish, D; Paul, G; Vidal Calleja, T; Schork, T; Willmann, J; Block, P; Hutter, M; Byrne, K; Schork, T