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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-08-04Breastfeeding in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic: A discussion paperWalker, K; Green, J; Petty, J; Whiting, L; Staff, L; Bromley, P; Fowler, C; Jones, LK
2011-02-01Case-loading midwifery in New Zealand: bridging the normal/abnormal divide 'with woman'Davis, DL; Walker, K
2021-01Chlamydia pecorum-Associated Sporadic Ovine Abortion.Westermann, T; Jenkins, C; Onizawa, E; Gestier, S; McNally, J; Kirkland, P; Zhang, J; Bogema, D; Manning, LK; Walker, K; Pinczowski, P
2010-06-01The corporeal, the social and space/place: Exploring intersections from a midwifery perspective in New ZealandDavis, D; Walker, K
2020-10COVID-19 in babies: Knowledge for neonatal care.Green, J; Petty, J; Bromley, P; Walker, K; Jones, L
2004-07'Double b(l)ind': Peer-review and the politics of scholarship.Walker, K
2018-03Effect of a thermal care bundle on the prevention, detection and treatment of perioperative inadvertent hypothermia.Duff, J; Walker, K; Edward, K-L; Ralph, N; Giandinoto, J-A; Alexander, K; Gow, J; Stephenson, J
2003-01Factors influencing young people's conceptions of environmentLoughland, AF; Reid, A; Walker, K; Petocz, P
2022-12From little things, big things grow: An exploratory analysis of the national cost of peripheral intravenous catheter insertion in Australian adult emergency care.Morgan, R; Callander, E; Cullen, L; Walker, K; Bumpstead, S; Hawkins, T; Kuhn, L; Egerton-Warburton, D
2017-12-01The link between brain development, neonatal outcomes and maternal stress statesNagle, K; Green, J; Walker, K
2016-04-01Maternal cocaine abuse - An evidence reviewFraser, A; Walker, K; Green, J
2007-01Measuring the impact of a team model of nursing practice using work samplingWalker, K; Donoghue, JM; Mitten-Lewis, S
2021-04-02Part 1: COVID-19 and knowledge for midwifery practice - Impact and care of pregnant womenGreen, J; Jones, L; Petty, J; Bromley, P; Fowler, C; Walker, K
2021-05-02Part 2: COVID-19 and knowledge for midwifery practice-impact and care of the babyGreen, J; Jones, L; Petty, J; Bromley, P; Fowler, C; Walker, K
2012-08-10Preventing hypothermia in elective arthroscopic shoulder surgery patients: A protocol for a randomised controlled trialDuff, J; Di Staso, R; Cobbe, KA; Draper, N; Tan, S; Halliday, E; Middleton, S; Lam, L; Walker, K
2010-08-01Re-discovering the material body in midwifery through an exploration of theories of embodimentDavis, DL; Walker, K
2018-03-01Sporting injuries amongst children in Australia: A review of the literatureYu, A; Green, J; Walker, K
2021-09-01‘The impact of the anti-vaccination movement and vaccine hesitancy on the health of the child’Green, J; Petty, J; Whiting, L; Orr, F; Walker, K; Brown, AM; Crisp, E; Fowler, C; Jones, L
2016-01-01Twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome and potential applicability to the Barker hypothesisMann, P; Green, J; Walker, K