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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-02-25All for a good cause? The blurred boundaries of volunteering and tourismLyons, K; Wearing, S
2022-03-14Applying Theory of Change to the Sustainable Financing of Protected AreasO'Flynn, L; Schweinsberg, S; Wearing, S
2020-01-01Behaving altruisticallyWearing, S; McDonald, M; Nguyen, THT; Bernstein, JD
2009-01-01Breaking down the system: How volunteer tourism contributes to new ways of viewing commodified tourismWearing, S; Ponting, J
2005-09-15Building a decommodified research paradigm in tourism: The contribution of NGOsWearing, S; McDonald, M; Ponting, J
2002-01-01Challenging interpretation to discover more inclusive models: The case of adventure tour guidingWearing, S; Archer, D
2013Coal seam gas and its impacts on destination image assessment: An investigation of wine tourism in the Hunter Valley, NSWSchweinsberg, SC; Wearing, S
2019-10-01Conceptualising networks in sustainable tourism developmentNguyen, TQT; Young, T; Johnson, P; Wearing, S
2001-01-01Conceptualizing the selves of tourismWearing, S; Wearing, B
2016Constructing Identity through the ‘Moral Consumption' of Volunteer TourismGodfrey, J; Wearing, S; Schulenkorf, N; Faulkner, S
2016-06-30Constructing Identity through the ‘Moral Consumption’ of Volunteer TourismGodfrey, J; Wearing, S; Schulenkorf, N; Faulkner, S
2017-07-01Consumer spaces as political spaces: A critical review of social, environmental, and psychogeographical researchMcDonald, M; Bridger, AJ; Wearing, S; Ponting, J
2018-11-15Consuming our national parks: Cultural heritage in a consumer cultureWearing, S; Schweinsberg, S; Darcy, S
2017-01-27Cultural and environmental awareness through sustainable tourism education: Exploring the role of onsite community tourism-based Work-Integrated Learning projectsWearing, S; Tarrant, MA; Schweinsberg, S; Lyons, K
2005-01-01De-Constructing Wonderland: Surfing Tourism in the Mentawai Islands, IndonesiaPonting, J; McDonald, M; Wearing, S
2019-08-22Destination Resilience and Tourism Recovery: Case Study Tathra's Response to the Bushfires of March 2018Beirman, D; Wearing, S
2002-07-01The development of community-based tourism: Re-thinking the relationship between tour operators and development agents as intermediaries in rural and isolated area communitiesWearing, S; Mc Donald, M
2020-05-03Digital gaming culture in Vietnam: an exploratory studyMcCauley, B; Nguyen, THT; McDonald, M; Wearing, S
2020‘Drought tourism’ as compassionSchweinsberg, S; McManus, P; Darcy, S; Wearing, S
2010-01-01Ecotourism and the commodification of wildlife: Anima welfare and the ethics of zoosWearing, S; Jobberns, C