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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-01-01A Holistic Methodology for Successive Bottleneck Analysis in Dynamic Value Streams of Manufacturing CompaniesWest, N; Syberg, M; Deuse, J
2022-04-01Adaptive similarity search for the retrieval of rare events from large time series databasesSchlegl, T; Schlegl, S; Tomaselli, D; West, N; Deuse, J
2022-09-01Automated search of process control limits for fault detection in time series dataSchlegl, T; Tomaselli, D; Schlegl, S; West, N; Deuse, J
2022-01-01Comparative Study of Methods for the Real-Time Detection of Dynamic Bottlenecks in Serial Production LinesWest, N; Schwenken, J; Deuse, J; Fujita, H; Fournier-Viger, P; Ali, M; Wang, Y
2023-01-01Development of a Transdisciplinary Role Concept for the Process Chain of Industrial Data ScienceSchwenken, J; Klupak, C; Syberg, M; West, N; Walker, F; Deuse, J
2017-01-01‘Everybody Has Got Their Own Story’: Urban Aboriginal Families and the Transition to SchoolKaplun, C; Grace, R; Knight, J; Anderson, J; West, N; Mack, H; Comino, E; Kemp, L
2023-01-01How Moderator Variables Affect Scheduling Objectives in Unpaced Mixed-Model Assembly LinesOstermeier, F; West, N; Deuse, J
2022-01-01Margin-based Greedy Shapelet Search for Robust Time Series Classification of Imbalanced DataSchlegl, T; Schlegl, S; Sciberras, A; West, N; Deuse, J; Chen, Y; Ludwig, H; Tu, Y; Fayyad, U; Zhu, X; Hu, X; Byna, S; Liu, X; Zhang, J; Pan, S; Papalexakis, V; Wang, J; Cuzzocrea, A; Ordonez, C
2022-01-01Rediscovering Scientific Management - The Evolution from Industrial Engineering to Industrial Data ScienceDeuse, J; West, N; Syberg, M
2023-01-01Requirements for the Development of a Collaboration Platform for Competency-Based Collaboration in Industrial Data Science ProjectsSyberg, M; West, N; Schwenken, J; Adams, R; Deuse, J; Marquez, FPG; Ramirez, IS; Sanchez, PJB; DelRio, AM
2021-01-01Scalable anomaly detection in manufacturing systems using an interpretable deep learning approachSchlegl, T; Schlegl, S; West, N; Deuse, J
2021-11-18Towards integrated Data Analysis Quality: Criteria for the application of Industrial Data ScienceWest, N; Gries, J; Brockmeier, C; Gobel, JC; Deuse, J
2018-01-01Trace ratio optimization with feature correlation mining for multiclass discriminant analysisBoroujeni, FR; Wang, S; Li, Z; West, N; Stantic, B; Yao, L; Long, G