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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-01-01Attribute-Based Hierarchical Access Control With Extendable PolicyXiao, M; Li, H; Huang, Q; Yu, S; Susilo, W
2021-11-01Core Loss Calculation of Anode Saturable Reactor in Damping Oscillation State Based on J-A TheoryXiao, M; Zuo, Y; Li, Y; Zhu, J; Li, Y; Zhu, L
2015-01-01An efficient method for reliability analysis under epistemic uncertainty based on evidence theory and support vector regressionXiao, M; Gao, L; Xiong, H; Luo, Z
2020-04-15Isogeometric topology optimization for computational design of re-entrant and chiral auxetic compositesGao, J; Xiao, M; Gao, L; Yan, J; Yan, W
2020-10-16Modeling and Finite Element Calculation of Core Loss in Anode Saturable Reactor Based on JA Dynamic Hysteresis ModelZuo, Y; Xiao, M; Song, Y; Li, Y; Li, Y; Zhu, J
2020-01-01Multiscale topology optimization for minimizing frequency responses of cellular composites with connectable graded microstructuresZhang, Y; Xiao, M; Gao, L; Gao, J; Li, H
2015-10-01Network code division multiplexing for wireless relay networksYue, J; Lin, Z; Vucetic, B; Mao, G; Xiao, M; Bai, B; Pang, K
2018-03-01A new method based on adaptive volume constraint and stress penalty for stress-constrained topology optimizationChu, S; Gao, L; Xiao, M; Luo, Z; Li, H; Gui, X
2015-02-15A new methodology for multi-objective multidisciplinary design optimization problems based on game theoryXiao, M; Shao, X; Gao, L; Luo, Z
2019-11-01A new multiscale topology optimization method for multiphase composite structures of frequency response with level setsLi, H; Luo, Z; Xiao, M; Gao, L; Gao, J
2023-01-01Novel multiple object tracking method for yellow feather broilers in a flat breeding chamber based on improved YOLOv3 and deep SORTZou, X; Yin, Z; Li, Y; Gong, F; Bai, Y; Zhao, Z; Zhang, W; Qian, Y; Xiao, M
2020-05-01A NURBS-based Multi-Material Interpolation (N-MMI) for isogeometric topology optimization of structuresGao, J; Luo, Z; Xiao, M; Gao, L; Li, P
2018-02-01Robust topology optimization considering load uncertainty based on a semi-analytical methodZheng, Y; Gao, L; Xiao, M; Li, H; Luo, Z
2016-06-01Strain modulating half-metallicity of semifluorinated GaN nanosheetsXiao, M; Ao, Z; Xu, T; He, C; Song, H; Wang, L
2018-02-17Stress-based multi-material topology optimization of compliant mechanismsChu, S; Gao, L; Xiao, M; Luo, Z; Li, H
2019-04-01The Sensable City: A Survey on the Deployment and Management for Smart City MonitoringDu, R; Santi, P; Xiao, M; Vasilakos, AV; Fischione, C
2016-12-31Topological shape optimization design of continuum structures via an effective level set methodLi, H; Gao, L; Xiao, M; Gao, J; Chen, H; Zhang, F
2018-02-01Topological shape optimization of 3D micro-structured materials using energy-based homogenization methodGao, J; Li, H; Gao, L; Xiao, M
2015-04-14Tuning electronic and magnetic properties of GaN nanosheets by surface modifications and nanosheet thicknessXiao, M; Yao, T; Ao, Z; Wei, P; Wang, D; Song, H