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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-10-16A Container-Usage-Pattern-Based Context Debloating Approach for Object-Sensitive Pointer AnalysisHe, D; Gui, Y; Li, W; Tao, Y; Zou, C; Sui, Y; Xue, J
2021-01A Novel Negative-Transfer-Resistant Fuzzy Clustering Model With a Shared Cross-Domain Transfer Latent Space and its Application to Brain CT Image Segmentation.Jiang, Y; Gu, X; Wu, D; Hang, W; Xue, J; Qiu, S; Lin, C-T
2023-10Acclimation of electroactive biofilms under different operating conditions: comprehensive analysis from architecture, composition, and metabolic activity.Ma, H; Dong, X; Yan, Y; Shi, K; Wang, H; Lu, H; Xue, J; Qiao, Y; Cheng, D; Jiang, Q
2021-12-10Analyses of community structure and role of immobilized bacteria system in the bioremediation process of diesel pollution seawater.Fu, X; Qiao, Y; Xue, J; Cheng, D; Chen, C; Bai, Y; Jiang, Q
2017-07-10Boosting the precision of virtual call integrity protection with partial pointer analysis for C++Fan, X; Sui, Y; Liao, X; Xue, J
2022-03Chinese University Students' Attitudes Toward Rape Myth Acceptance: The Role of Gender, Sexual Stereotypes, and Adversarial Sexual Beliefs.Xue, J; Lin, K
-Demand-Driven Pointer Analysis with Strong Updates via Value-Flow RefinementSui, Y; Xue, J
2016-12-01Eliminating redundant bounds checks in dynamic buffer overflow detection using weakest preconditionsSui, Y; Ye, D; Su, Y; Xue, J
2019-08-12Event trace reduction for effective bug replay of Android apps via differential GUI state analysisSui, Y; Zhang, Y; Zheng, W; Zhang, M; Xue, J
2022-11-01Household carbon footprints inequality in China: Drivers, components and dynamicsWang, K; Cui, Y; Zhang, H; Shi, X; Xue, J; Yuan, Z
2020-02Improving active noise control without secondary path modeling using subband phase estimation.Chen, K; Xue, J; Lu, J; Qiu, X
2017-01-01Incremental analysis for probabilistic programsZhang, J; Sui, Y; Xue, J; Ranzato, F
2011-04-01Inhibition of highly pathogenic avian H5N1 influenza virus propagation by RNA oligonucleotides targeting the PB2 gene in combination with celecoxibJin, Y; Zhang, G; Hu, Y; Ding, M; Li, Y; Cao, S; Xue, J; Sun, LQ; Wang, M
2022-10Insight of the bio-cathode biofilm construction in microbial electrolysis cell dealing with sulfate-containing wastewater.Shi, K; Cheng, W; Jiang, Q; Xue, J; Qiao, Y; Cheng, D
2022-11-04Insights into the effects of operating parameters on sulfate reduction performance and microbial pathways in the anaerobic sequencing batch reactor.Xue, J; Yao, Y; Li, W; Shi, K; Ma, G; Qiao, Y; Cheng, D; Jiang, Q
2022-01-01Interaction of the concentration of S<sup>2–</sup>, SO<inf>4</inf><sup>2–</sup> and microbial community by controlling nitrogen stripping during sulfate-rich wastewater treatmentShi, K; Jiang, Q; Qiao, Y; Xue, J; Yao, Y; Niu, L; Sun, S; Cheng, D; Huang, J
2020-02-01Intertemporal lifestyle changes and carbon emissions: Evidence from a China household surveyZhang, H; Shi, X; Wang, K; Xue, J; Song, L; Sun, Y
2018-01-01Launch-Mode-Aware Context-Sensitive Activity Transition AnalysisZhang, Y; Sui, Y; Xue, J
2018-01-01Live path CFI against control flow hijacking attacksBarbar, M; Sui, Y; Zhang, H; Chen, S; Xue, J
2018-02-01Loop-Oriented pointer analysis for automatic SIMD vectorizationSui, Y; Fan, X; Zhou, H; Xue, J