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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-05-01A novel ensemble probabilistic forecasting system for uncertainty in wind speedWang, J; Wang, S; Zeng, B; Lu, H
2022-05-15An integrated power load point-interval forecasting system based on information entropy and multi-objective optimizationWang, K; Wang, J; Zeng, B; Lu, H
2011-10-27Complete characterization of the ground-space structure of two-body frustration-free Hamiltonians for qubitsJi, Z; Wei, Z; Zeng, B
2012-04-09Correlations in excited states of local HamiltoniansChen, J; Ji, Z; Wei, Z; Zeng, B
2016-03-03Detecting consistency of overlapping quantum marginals by separabilityChen, J; Ji, Z; Yu, N; Zeng, B
2015-08-10Discontinuity of maximum entropy inference and quantum phase transitionsChen, J; Ji, Z; Li, CK; Poon, YT; Shen, Y; Yu, N; Zeng, B; Zhou, D
2016-10-21Entanglement depth for symmetric statesChen, JY; Ji, Z; Yu, N; Zeng, B
2012-08-30From ground states to local HamiltoniansChen, J; Ji, Z; Zeng, B; Zhou, DL
2015-01-01Generalized graph states based on Hadamard matricesCui, SX; Yu, N; Zeng, B
2016-01-07Geometry of reduced density matrices for symmetry-protected topological phasesChen, JY; Ji, Z; Liu, ZX; Shen, Y; Zeng, B
2012-09-12Ground-state spaces of frustration-free HamiltoniansChen, J; Ji, Z; Kribs, D; Wei, Z; Zeng, B
2017-02-01Joint product numerical range and geometry of reduced density matricesChen, J; Guo, C; Ji, Z; Poon, YT; Yu, N; Zeng, B; Zhou, J
2019-04-25Minimum entangling power is close to its maximumChen, J; Ji, Z; Kribs, DW; Zeng, B; Zhang, F
2010-08-23Multi-error-correcting amplitude damping codesDuan, R; Grassl, M; Ji, Z; Zeng, B
2011-05-09No-go theorem for one-way quantum computing on naturally occurring two-level systemsChen, J; Chen, X; Duan, R; Ji, Z; Zeng, B
2017-02-01Physical origins of ruled surfaces on the reduced density matrices geometryChen, JY; Ji, Z; Liu, ZX; Qi, X; Yu, N; Zeng, B; Zhou, D
2016-03-31Pure-state tomography with the expectation value of Pauli operatorsMa, X; Jackson, T; Zhou, H; Chen, J; Lu, D; Mazurek, MD; Fisher, KAG; Peng, X; Kribs, D; Resch, KJ; Ji, Z; Zeng, B; Laflamme, R
2016-08-10Quantum capacities for entanglement networksCui, SX; Ji, Z; Yu, N; Zeng, B
2011-03-14Quantum codes give counterexamples to the unique preimage conjecture of the N-representability problemOcko, SA; Chen, X; Zeng, B; Yoshida, B; Ji, Z; Ruskai, MB; Chuang, IL
2016-10-01Quantum state and process tomography via adaptive measurementsWang, HY; Zheng, WQ; Yu, NK; Li, KR; Lu, DW; Xin, T; Li, C; Ji, ZF; Kribs, D; Zeng, B; Peng, XH; Du, JF