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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-01A novel urban seismic resilience assessment method considering the weighting of post-earthquake loss and recovery timeZhai, C; Zhao, Y; Wen, W; Qin, H; Xie, L
2021-07-05BODIPY-Appended Pt(II) Complexes with High Toxicities and Anti-chemoresistance Performances in a Cisplatin Resistant In Vivo Model.Chong, H; Tan, C; Fang, S; Chen, X; Tao, Q; Yuan, X; Li, J; Zhai, C; Fei, C; Yang, D; Fan, H; Shao, H; Qin, A; Wang, G; Shi, Z; Z'hang, T; Yao, H; Li, H; Wang, C
2016-02-24Cobalt-Based Layered Metal-Organic Framework as an Ultrahigh Capacity Supercapacitor Electrode MaterialLiu, X; Shi, C; Zhai, C; Cheng, M; Liu, Q; Wang, G
2013-10-18Cooperative spectrum sharing in wireless ad-hoc networksZhai, C; Zhang, W; Mao, G
2022-06-01Enhancing the foaming effects and mechanical strength of foam glasses sintered at low temperaturesZhai, C; Zhong, Y; Zhang, J; Wang, M; Yu, Y; Zhu, Y
2022-01-27The Impact of Foaming Effect on the Physical and Mechanical Properties of Foam Glasses with Molecular-Level Insights.Zhai, C; Yu, Y; Zhu, Y; Zhang, J; Zhong, Y; Yeo, J; Wang, M
2022-12-15Torsional capacity evaluation of RC beams using an improved bird swarm algorithm optimised 2D convolutional neural networkYu, Y; Liang, S; Samali, B; Nguyen, TN; Zhai, C; Li, J; Xie, X
2021-11Ultrahard bulk amorphous carbon from collapsed fullerene.Shang, Y; Liu, Z; Dong, J; Yao, M; Yang, Z; Li, Q; Zhai, C; Shen, F; Hou, X; Wang, L; Zhang, N; Zhang, W; Fu, R; Ji, J; Zhang, X; Lin, H; Fei, Y; Sundqvist, B; Wang, W; Liu, B
2012-08-02Uncoordinated cooperative communications with spatially random relaysZhai, C; Zhang, W; Mao, G
2012-12-01Uncoordinated cooperative truncated ARQ schemes in wireless systemsZhai, C; Zhang, W; Mao, G