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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Apr-2017O Partner, Where Art Thou? A critical discursive analysis of HR managers’ struggle for legitimacyHeizmann, H; Fox, S
Jan-2003OAsIS: Online Activities Information Systems Supporting Information-Oriented Security ManagementLueg, CP; Knight, S; Croft, L; Lachowicz, E
Jan-2010Obedience and Evil: From Milgram and Kampuchea to Normal OrganizationsPina e Cunha, M; Rego, A; Clegg, SR
Jun-2011Obesity and age at menarche.Shrestha, A; Olsen, J; Ramlau-Hansen, CH; Bech, BH; Nohr, EA
Apr-2015Obesity and health expenditures: evidence from Australia.Buchmueller, TC; Johar, M
Jan-2013Obesity and hotel staffing: Are hotels guilty of 'lookism'?Harris, C; Small, J
1-Sep-2011Obesity and reproductionLim, CED; Cheng, NCL
Jan-2009Obesity and tourism: A critical visionSmall, J; Harris, C; Richards, V; Raguz, A
Jan-2012Obesity And Tourism: Rights And ResponsibilitiesSmall, J; Harris, C
Jan-2007Obesity in children and adolsecentsBaur, LA; Denney-Wilson, E; Francesca Naish
Jan-2007Obesity in the media: political hot potato or human interest story?Bonfiglioli, C; King, L; Chapman, S; Smith, BJ; Holding, S
8-May-2015Obesity prevention in early life: an opportunity to better support the role of Maternal and Child Health Nurses in Australia.Laws, R; Campbell, KJ; van der Pligt, P; Ball, K; Lynch, J; Russell, G; Taylor, R; Denney-Wilson, E
Jan-2009Obesity, tourism and discrimination? An investigation of airline 'customer of size' policiesHarris, C; Small, J; Carlsen, J; Hughes, M; Holmes, K; Jones, R
Jan-2012Object Categorization Based on a Supervised Mean Shift AlgorithmDu, R; Wu, Q; He, X; Yang, J; Fusiello, A; Murino, V; Cucchiara, R
Jan-2012Object Detection Based on Co-Ocurrence GMuLBP FeaturesXu, J; Wu, Q; Zhang, J; Tang, Z; Jian Zhang
1-Dec-2017An object oriented Bayesian network approach for unsafe driving maneuvers prevention systemKridalukmana, R; Lu, H; Naderpour, M
2002Object Oriented Design of a High frequency Transformer Simulator in JavaLu, HY; Moore W
7-Mar-2018Object tracking in the presence of shaking motionsDai, M; Cheng, S; He, X; Wang, D
Jan-2004An object-oriented approach on web information representation and derivationLiu, F; Wang, J; Dillon, TS; Yuan, ST; Liu, J
Jan-2004An Object-Oriented Database-based Architecture for Mobile Enterprise ApplicationsSteele, RJ; Ventsov, Y; Dillon, TS; Srimani, PK; Abraham, A; Cannataro, M; Domoingo-Ferrer, R; Hashemi, R; Moses, G; Goharian, N; Lawrence, E; Mirto, M; Mourelle, L; Nedgah, N