Evaporation from the grapevine canopy and soil surfaces

Cooperative Research Centre for Viticulture
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Vine and Vineyard Water Requirements: Proceedings of a Workshop held at Waite Campus, 2002, pp. 75 - 93
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Inmost commercial vineyards, canopy expansion is restricted by the rigidtrellis . systetns and so only a small fraction ofsolar radiation is intercepted.This-results in lowratesofwaterusebyvinescotnpated tocropswith fully dosed canopies.vSeveral studies in the recent past have, however, suggested that the small fractions ofsolar radiation.interceptedby the canopy may notbe constraining water use.becauseof additional energy transferred to the canopy-from the exposed soil surface. It is.shown in this review that.this may notbethecaseunder the hotterand drier conditionsofthe inland grape-growing districts ofAustralia, where the vines use theirstomates to controlevaporationthrough the canopy (Ee) .
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