Vertically-aligned graphene flakes on nanoporous templates: Morphology, thickness, and defect level control by pre-treatment

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Science and Technology of Advanced Materials, 2014, 15 (5)
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© 2014 National Institute for Materials Science. Various morphologies of the vertically-aligned graphene flakes were fabricated on the nanoporous templates treated with metal ions in solutions, as well as coated with a thin gold layer and activated in the low-temperature Ar plasma. The thickness and level of structural defects in the graphene flakes could be effectively controlled by a proper selection of the pre-treatment method. We have also demonstrated that various combinations of the flake thickness and defect levels can be obtained, and the morphology and density of the graphene pattern can be effectively controlled. The result obtained could be of interest for various applications requiring fabrication of large graphene networks with controllable properties.
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