Persistent near infrared phosphorescence from rare earth ions Co-doped strontium aluminate phosphors

Electrochemical Society
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Journal Article
Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 2011, 158 (2), pp. K17 - K19
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SrAl2O4SrAl2O4 phosphors co-doped with Eu2+Eu2+ , Dy3+Dy3+ , and Nd3+Nd3+ ions are synthesized through a citric acid assisted sol-gel combustion process. The crystalline phases and crystallinity of the synthesized phosphors are studied by X-ray diffraction analysis. Strong persistent phosphorescence at 882nm882nm is observed as a consequence of irradiation by ultraviolet light at 370nm370nm due to the persistent energy transfer from excited Eu2+Eu2+ ions to Nd3+Nd3+ ions. The optimum doping concentration of Nd3+Nd3+ ions is estimated to be ∼2%∼2% , when the concentration of Eu2+Eu2+ and Dy3+Dy3+ ions are 1 and 1.5%, respectively, considering the energy transfer efficiency and the near infrared phosphorescence intensity.
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