Engineering and optimisation of medically multi-functional mesoporous SiO<inf>2</inf> fibers as effective wound dressing material

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Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2011, 21 (26), pp. 9595 - 9602
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In this paper, we propose a novel strategy for the preparation of flexible mesoporous SiO2 fibers containing silver nanoparticles (Ag-cSiO 2@mSiO2) as an effective wound dressing. The Ag-cSiO 2@mSiO2 was core-shell structured, composed of a condensed electrospun SiO2 nanofiber doped with Ag NPs (silver nanoparticles) and a mesoporous SiO2 shell. Due to a high specific surface area and large pore volume, the Ag-cSiO2@mSiO2 can substantially absorb exudates, the absorption capacity for water and SBF (simulated body fluid) reached 267 wt% and 254 wt% of the sample, respectively. Additionally, the mesopores can also act as hosts for the accommodation of drugs. The Loading capacity of IBU (ibuprofen) reached up to 18 wt% of the sample, and its release was relatively fast, more than 85% of the drug was released within 12 h. The condensed core of the SiO2 nanofiber not only endowed the sample with a high flexibility, but also slowly released silver to possess a sustained antibiotic effect. Considering its effective exudate-absorption ability, dual drug-release profiles (fast release of IBU and sustained release of silver), together with its chemical and physical stability, biocompatibility and high flexibility, Ag-cSiO2@mSiO2 could be a promising wound dressing material. © 2011 The Royal Society of Chemistry.
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