Observation of Midinfrared 4-μm Emission in Ho<sup>3+</sup>-Doped Fluoroaluminate Glasses

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IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 2015, 27 (9), pp. 959 - 962
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© 1989-2012 IEEE. Ho3+ activated fluoroaluminate glasses were prepared successfully via melt-quenching method. Not only 2- and 2.85-μm emissions but also 4-μm emissions were observed for the first time by 900-nm Ti: sapphire laser pumping. The optimal midinfrared emissions were obtained when Ho3+ concentration reaches 1 mol%. Spectroscopic properties and energy transfer mechanism of Ho3+ were investigated in detail. Results indicate that the prepared glasses possess high midinfrared transmittance (90%), large emission cross sections at 2 μm (7.6 × 10-21 cm2), 2.85 μm (17.6 × 10-21 cm2), and 4μm (6.87 × 10-21 cm2) together with superior gain properties. It is suggested that Ho3+ activated fluoroaluminate glass is an attractive candidate for midinfrared laser materials application.
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