An evaluation of the distribution of metal ions in otherwise uniform titania sol-gel layers designed for optical sensing using laser ablation inductive coupled plasma mass spectroscopy

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Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, 2012, 8421
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Free-base porphyrins are bound to titania sol-gel layers deposited on glass slides. The porphyrin-containing titania layers show the UV-VIS spectra of the porphyrin and are found to be uniformly and evenly distributed. By addition of a metal salt to the titania layer, it was possible to metallate the free-base porphyrin within and change the UV-VIS absorbance of the porphyrin. The metalloporphyrins based on Cu and Zn ions could be detected by laser ablation inductive coupled plasma mass spectroscopy (LA-ICP-MS). Aggregation of metals is observed indicating that metal ions are also attaching directly to the titania. In samples where already metalized porphyrins are used little or no aggregation is observed, indicating that the titania sol gel is non-uniform in its affinity for metal ions. © 2012 SPIE.
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