Are leukotrienes or PAF involved in hyperbaric oxygen toxicity?

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Agents and Actions, 1993, 38 (1 Supplement), pp. 66 - 75
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Several very selective leukotriene inhibitors, and a PAF inhibitor, suitable for in vivo use, have been tested for their effects on hyperbaric oxygen toxicity. The leukotriene D4 inhibitor, L660 771, and the 5-lipoxygenase pathway inhibitor L663 563, failed to affect convulsions or lung damage induced by hyperbaric oxygen (pressure range 515-615 kPa) in either rats or mice. The specific PAF antagonist L659 989 showed marginal protection against hyperoxic convulsions and did not alter pulmonary damage. The specific LTB4 antagonist SC-41930 was very effective in inhibiting hyperbaric oxygen-induced convulsions in both rats and mice. SC-41930 also very significantly protected rats against pulmonary oxygen toxicity, but had only marginally significant effects on pulmonary protection in mice. © 1993 Birkhäuser Verlag.
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