Deadbeat control based on a multipurpose disturbance observer for permanent magnet synchronous motors

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Journal Article
IET Electric Power Applications, 2018, 12 (5), pp. 708 - 716
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© The Institution of Engineering and Technology 2018. Robustness against parameter mismatches and position-sensorless operation are two important research topics for permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) drives. Usually, the existing observers are designed for achieving a specific function. While here, both the above two functions are integrated into the proposed sliding-mode disturbance observer: (i) if a position sensor is equipped, accurate current regulation can be achieved by deadbeat predictive current control despite mismatched motor parameters; (ii) if the position sensor is not equipped but with a good estimation of motor parameters, the observer can serve as a back electromotive force estimator. Then, the rotor position can be extracted for position-sensorless control. Usually, a low-pass filter is required to suppress high-frequency noises in the conventional sliding-mode observer. This inevitably leads to phase delay in the estimation. By comparison, a complex coefficient filter is inherently embedded in the proposed method, which can provide accurate estimation without phase delay or magnitude error. Experimental results obtained from a 2.4 kW PMSM drive platform indicate that high-performance current control can be achieved with good robustness for position sensor-based operation. Also, rotor position can be accurately estimated with good steady and dynamic performance for position-sensorless operation.
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