The postmortem distribution of bromadiolone and its metabolite-benzylideneacetone in poisoned dogs

Forensic Medicine Association of China
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Zhongguo Fayixue Zazhi, 2017, 32 (3), pp. 294 - 297
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Objective To study the postmortem distribution of Bromadiolone and its metabolite-Benzylideneacetone in dogs and provide an experimental evidence for the sampling of Bromadiolone poisoning cases. Methods The dogs were given 2LD50 and 4LD50 Bromadiolone by intragastric administration. Anatomy was conducted immediately after death and samples of body fluids and viscera (heart blood; peripheral blood, bile, urine, heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney, brain, urinary bladder, left leg muscle, stomach, stomach contents, pancreas) were collected and detected after the dogs poisoning death. The Bromadiolon and its metabolite-Benzylideneacetone contents in samples were analyzed by GC/MS. Results Hemorrhagic symptoms came out at 3d after Bromadiolone delivery and deaths occurred at (178.40±20.94)h after intoxication. The postmortem distribution of Bromadiolon and its metabolite-Benzylideneacetone in dogs was as following: 2LD50 Bromadiolon: bile>urine, liver, heart, kidney>heart blood, peripheral blood, spleen, lung and so on. Benzylideneacetone: the content in bile, urine, heart blood, peripheral blood, lung, stomach contents are higher. 4LD50 Bromadiolon: bile, urine>liver, peripheral blood>heart blood, stomach contents and others. Benzylideneacetone: contents in bile, urine and lung are higher. Conclusion The postmortem distribution of Bromadiolon and its metabolite- Benzylideneacetone in dogs is uneven, contents in bile, urine, liver, heart blood and peripheral blood are higher, which are suggested for forensic toxicological analysis in Bromadiolon poisonig case.
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