Disrupting education using smart mobile pedagogies

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Didactics of Smart Pedagogy: Smart Pedagogy for Technology Enhanced Learning, 2018, pp. 139 - 157
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© Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2019. As mobile technologies become more multifaceted and ubiquitous in society, educational researchers are investigating the use of these technologies in education. A growing body of evidence shows that traditional pedagogies still dominate the educational field and are misaligned with the diverse learning opportunities offered by the use of mobile technologies. There is an imperative to question those traditional notions of education, including how, where and when teaching and learning are enacted, and to explore the possible mediating roles of new mobile technologies. New smart pedagogies, which embrace the affordances offered by mobile technologies, have the potential to disrupt notions of schooling. In this chapter, we examine the nature of smart pedagogies and their intersection with mobile pedagogies. We unpack notions of innovation and disruption. We then discuss smart mobile learning activities for school students identified from a Systematic Literature Review, together with the pedagogical principles underpinning them. We argue to encourage smart pedagogies, teacher educators should support teachers to implement ‘feasible disruptions’. Consequently, implications for teacher education are explored.
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