Destabilisation of Argonaute 2 generates a truncated protein: halfAgo2

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Journal Article
Matters, 2018
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The Argonaute 2 (Ago2) protein is an essential effector protein in miRNA-mediated mechanisms that regulate gene expression. Ago2 directly binds to the miRNA, forming the RISC. RISC function is critical to controlling key biological processes and when dysregulated can result in disease pathogenesis. Understanding Ago2 protein stability and turnover will further our understanding in how RISC function is regulated. In human cells, we discovered a previously unidentified ~55 kDa protein that is a truncated form of Ago2, that is formed from proteolytic cleavage of the full length Ago2 protein. Further experiments are needed to determine (i) the detailed mechanism that forms halfAgo2 (ii) the cellular or environmental triggers or stresses that initiate halfAgo2 production and (iii) if halfAgo2 has a potentially new role in gene regulation.
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