An explorable public transcriptomics compendium for eukaryotic microalgae

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Abstract Eukaryotic microalgae dominate primary photosynthetic productivity in fluctuating nutrient-rich environments, including coastal, estuarine and polar regions, where competition and complexity are presumably adaptive and dynamic traits. Numerous genomes and transcriptomes of these species have been carefully sequenced, providing an unprecedented view into the vast genetic repertoires and the diverse transcriptional programs operating inside these organisms. Here we collected, re-mapped, quantified and clustered publicly available transcriptome data for ten different eukaryotic microalgae in order to develop new insights into their molecular systems biology, as well as to provide a large new resource of integrated information to facilitate the efforts of others to further compare and contextualize the results of individual and new experiments within and between species. This is summarized herein and provided for public use by the eukaryotic microalgae research community.
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