Simplifying zygomatic implant site preparation using ultrasonic navigation: A technical note

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Journal Article
International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Implants, 2018, 33 (3), pp. e67 - e71
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© 2018, by Quintessence Publishing Co. Inc. Zygomatic implant site preparation could be considered a challenging procedure because of the use of a very long twist drill that could sometimes be difficult to control due to the need for drilling the malar bone on an oblique surface. Ultrasound was recently suggested to achieve better control, but the specific long tips required are not readily available, and the elongated tip also tends to reduce the efficacy. This technical note describes a proposal of a novel computer-aided technique to simplify the procedure of zygomatic implant site preparation. This method uses a standard-length ultrasonic tip to prepare the crestal bone and the zygomatic bone in two individual steps. The desired implant trajectory can be achieved during preparation using a real-time tracking navigation system. The combined use of the navigation system and the ultrasonic tips could aid the surgeon, during the first steps, in achieving optimal control of the instruments employed for the implant site preparation and keeping the planned zygomatic implant position. If the efficacy of the procedure is confirmed through clinical trials, this technique could also contribute to reducing the invasiveness of the procedure, promoting a smaller flap, and reducing the soft tissue damage.
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