Elevated CO<inf>2</inf> effects on nitrogen assimilation and growth of C<inf>3</inf> vascular plants are similar regardless of N-form assimilated

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Journal of Experimental Botany, 2019, 70 (2), pp. 683 - 690
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© 2018 The Author(s). Atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration ([CO2]) increased from around 280 ppm in 1750 to 400 ppm in 2016 and is likely to continue to increase throughout this century. It has been argued that wheat, Arabidopsis, and C3 plants in general respond more positively to elevated atmospheric [CO2] under ammonium (NH4+) nutrition than under nitrate (NO3-) nutrition because elevated CO2 inhibits their photoreduction of NO3- and hence reduces their total plant nitrogen (N) assimilation and ultimately growth. Here, it is argued that the weight of evidence in the literature indicates that elevated atmospheric [CO2] does not inhibit NO3- assimilation and growth of C3 vascular plants. New data for common bean and wheat support this view and indicate that the effects of elevated atmospheric [CO2] on N assimilation and growth of C3 vascular plants will be similar regardless of the form of N assimilated.
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