A Heterogeneous Integrated MEMS Inertial Switch with Compliant Cantilevers Fixed Electrode and Electrostatic Locking to Realize Stable On-State

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Journal Article
Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, 2019, 28 (6), pp. 977 - 986
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© 1992-2012 IEEE. A novel heterogeneous integrated inertial micro-switch has been designed with adjustable acceleration threshold and a stable 'on'-state due to a predefined bias voltage. The bias voltage is applied onto the large-area parallel-plate electrodes, which endows the movable proof-mass with electrostatic forces. With an external excitation acceleration, the movable electrode moves to the fixed electrode and it can be locked by the electrostatic force onto the compliant electrical contacts, which are composed of micro-cantilever array to eliminate the contact rebound during electrostatic pull-in process. Both the dynamic response of the proof-mass and the relationship between the bias voltage and the inertial excitation acceleration were analyzed using theoretical model and finite element simulation. A unique heterogeneous integration process including both the silicon-based and non-silicon surface micromachining processes was adopted to fabricate the switch. The tests using a standard dropping hammer system demonstrated that the switch could keep a stable switch-on at the 57 g excitation acceleration and 38 V bias voltage. As wide as 52% adjustment range of the acceleration threshold was obtained when the applied bias voltage was from 38 V to 44 V. The tested relationship between the bias voltage and the external acceleration was very consistent with the simulated relationship. [2019-0038].
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