Dietary intake of potentially toxic elements from vegetables

Nova Science Publishers
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Fruit and vegetable consumption and health, 2009, 1, pp. 35 - 60
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Toxic elements e.g B,arsenic(As),cadmim (Cd),ChrOmium(Co,COpper(Cu),lCad (Pb),and zinc(Zn)are the chief envÞolllnental pollutants which can cause deleterious health effects ill humans.Inhalation and consumption ofrnetal c conta \ated food are the mttOr pathways of metal entrance into hman body.Cuhivation of crop plants in the metal \ contaminated soils induces the bioaccllmlllation of toxic elements in the food chain.Among different food items,vegetables have mttOr cOntribution in the daily dict, and the heavy inetal contamination ofvegetables poses a threat to human health with the prevalence of skin and gastrointerestinal cancer.
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