Arabidopsis Col/Ler and Ws/Ler hybrids and Hybrid Mimics produce seed yield heterosis through increased height, inflorescence branch and silique number.

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Planta, 2020, 252, (3)
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MAIN CONCLUSION:The seed yield increase of the hybrids and their derived Mimics compared to parents is associated with increased plant height and inflorescence branch number which are correlated with decreased expression of FT, SOC1 and FUL. In Arabidopsis, plant size has been extensively investigated, but few studies have been carried out on seed yield heterosis. In hybrids between Columbia (Col) and Landsberg erecta (Ler), and Wassilewskija (Ws) and Ler, there was significant seed yield heterosis. F6/F7 Hybrid Mimics derived from hybrids of each of the two systems had seed yield increases similar to that of the F1 hybrid (approximately 50-70% greater than the average of the parents). Increased seed yield of the Hybrid Mimics was accompanied by changes of plant architecture with increased plant height and increased inflorescence branch number relative to the parents. Three of the Hybrid Mimic lines derived from the Ws/Ler system had 20% increase in seed yield relative to the F1 hybrid. Genes which repress flowering were up-regulated and the expression levels of flowering -promoting genes including FLOWERING LOCUS T (FT), SUPPRESSOR OF OVEREXPRESSION OF CO 1 (SOC1) and FRUITFULL (FUL) were negatively correlated with the increase in seed yield in both hybrids and F7 Mimics of both systems.
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